10 more beauty tips from Miss Eco Glam

A really great way to keep skin looking good is to use a loofah regularly or a bristle brush which will help the skin to exfoliate and also boost your circulation. Do it at least once a day to get the best benefit. I have found some great ones at Planet Organic although any health food shop will sell them. A friend of mine actually uses the loofahs that are for washing fruit and veges! Lots cheaper and last for ages!

This next product is something that I strongly recommend for everyone that doesn’t have access to rain/spring water to use in their shower. The water here in the UK is dreadful, with most of the country having ‘hard’ water. Despite what the water board tells us, It’s full of so many toxic chemicals and even drugs that get put in there by people who are on medications and also of course factories emptying poisonous waste into our waterways. It’s a dreadful cycle. And, believe it or not, you absorb far more chemicals during your daily hot shower in one go, than drinking bottled water. Scary I think! So, ever since 2007, I have been using the Paragon shower filter. It fits onto pretty much any UK standard shower attachment and has a high quality shower head that can be twisted round to make the water come out quite fast or soft like rainwater. It will make your hair, scalp and skin feel MUCH better, even after one use you will notice, because it takes reduces chlorine, mercury, reduces bacteria, reduces scale, and many other chemicals. You will also know when the shower head needs replacing as your skin will be much drier! I love it because it is quite inexpensive compared to some others out there and lasts for up to 8 months with a family of four.

Back to my ultimate skincare list

11. Eye liner pencils

I gave Lily Lolo an award for these eyeliner pencils earlier in the year because of the fab colours (black, brown, blue (that’s pretty, not one straight from the 80’s!), and a forest green) and because of the creamy consistency, which is very important for using on the eyes. You do not want your pencil to drag around the delicate area. Try and avoid always lining the inner lower rim of your eyes as it is not really good no matter what you use, but if you are going out at night sometimes, then occasionally is fine. I was hooked (definitely addicted) on the panda eye look for years and years and used to get told off by my optician as she said that the chemicals would get in the eye and cause damage long term. This was back when I was quite young and clueless about the toxins in most makeup. That was the start of me looking into natural makeup! Back then though, Natural Eye Makeup Pencils were not easy to find!

12. Body Oil

It’s easy to make homemade oil with Coconut Oil, or another type of carrier oil and add essential oils of your choice. I prefer to use rose or vanilla oil. You can find loads of recipes in Star Khechera’s Holistic Beauty Book for some great ideas!

13. Cellulite Oil

Again, it’s easy and economical to make a Cellulite treatment product at home. I use a carrier oil such as jojoba and add in Mandarin and Grapefruit essential oils which are beneficial for cellulite.

14. Body Cream

Live Native’s EveryBody Every Day cream – This is my favourite body cream as I adore the totally yummy smell. Live Native make some of the best Raw skincare products and this one is my favourite of theirs. I love that it can be used on anyone, anywhere so one of those products that’s handy to have around.

15. Tooth care

I love to use both Dr Bronner’s 18-1 soap, and’ToothSoap’ to use as a teeth cleaning product. Both are made from oils that soap up and leave the teeth feeling so smooth and shiny! Toothsoap is very popular amongst the well known Raw Foodies as it simply is the best thing to use on the teeth and gums! Toothsoap is the better out of the two, but Dr Bronner’s still does a great job!

16. Perfume

Jo Wood Organics Perfume in Langa is my favorite scent and it’s important to me that its completely free of harmful chemicals. I always go for a completely chemical free scent as, you also breath them in!!  Or for a quick and easy perfume, you can use pure essential oils such as Jasmine, Rose or something musky like Frankincense. Dab a tiny drop onto the neck, wrist or anywhere else you like.

17. Toning spray

This is lovely to use in hot and cold weather and very refreshing. Why don’t you make a homemade one with Rose essential oil or something citrusy for oily skin? Much cheaper and fun to make!

18. Sun Protection

Green People and Lavera make my favourite sun protection products, both organic and completely safe to use, they smell fab and have mostly organic ingredients. There are loads of things to choose from in each brand. Creams, Lotions, sprays and children’s products, you won’t go wrong with either of these brands. Sun exposure is very important for all of us, and a little at a time is the best way to get it but if you are going on a summer holiday, then you must get something safe to use that will offer decent protection. Sunburn, is NEVER a good thing!

19. Hair dyes

Typical Hair dyes are so very toxic, especially the darker shades. When you eat a raw diet, if eating the right way, you may even notice that your grey disappears and hair becomes generally better. I still colour my hair but always avoid using the typical colours. I visit a salon that uses organic colours and I also sometimes colour it myself. I have found that the Herb tint Colours are the safest. They don’t contain: ammonia, perfumes, alcohol, resorcinol (this is the deadly one!), parabens and far less peroxide than most brands.

20. Hair Products

Again, hands down the winner is Lavera! I love this range so much that I have given them an award for Best Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment. The Rose range is just so incredible for drier hair types. The conditioner is so rich and thick, feels more like a treatment, smells wonderful and really leaves hair feeling incredible. The treatment is even more luxurious! A good organic shampoo and conditioner is extremely hard to find they can leave the hair feeling heavy and just not at its best. Lavera is by far the best I have tried. They also have a toxin free Hairspray, Styling Gel and Volumising Mousse. Priced from £1.35 where you can buy trial sizes!

21. Hand Cream

If you are like me and always washing your hands, you will probably have quite dry hands, and combined with English weather, it means your hands will age faster than the rest of you. A hand cream therefore is a must! Because it’s easy to go through loads of it, a really decent priced one is important.  Lavera, at Nature’s Boutique sinks right in and doesn’t leave sticky feeling requiring you to wipe off so perfect for use by a computer!

Well that’s my top summer beauty product recommendations for you!

Anna Rodgers

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  1. Moreover, the oil-based formulations in many cases are very heavy and clog the
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    Ferulic Acid: Ferulic Acid iis a phenolic compound found in Argan Oil.

    February 4, 2014 at 3:08 pm Reply
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