4 moon phases that can shape your life


Have you ever stopped and wondered about the power of the moon? Most people are in awe of its beauty when it’s at its fullest, shining beautifully and mysteriously in the night sky, but have you ever thought about the effect the moon has on us?

Thought to be the same age as the Earth, the moon exerts a powerful influence over the Earth’s tides, electromagnetic field, crop yields and weather. We as human beings are part of an interconnected system with our earth and its surrounding planets — of those planets, the moon is the planet with the strongest influence on us.

Have you ever felt a bit agitated during a full moon? Do you argue with your partner more easily at that time? Maybe you feel hungrier than usual or unable to sleep? Or maybe you are full of energy and can’t sit still? As the moon pulls and tugs at the waters of the Earth creating high and low tides, she also pulls at the water within our bodies and this affects our moods, sleep patterns, female menstrual cycles and our emotional and mental health.

In its twenty-eight day orbit around the earth, the moon goes through four different phases:

— New moon
— Waxing moon
— Full moon
— Waning moon

The waxing moon is a period of two weeks leading up to the full moon. This is a good time to regenerate so any body strengthening or muscle-building exercises you do will be much more effective during this period.

The full moon is usually the time that exerts the most powerful influence and is a popular time for women to birth their babies, get their periods, for projects to come together, or issues to come to a head. Physically, your body’s ability to absorb is at its highest during a full moon so anything you take into your body at this time will have a greater effect. During a full moon, it’s wise to eat carefully and choose foods which nourish and replenish your system. If you choose to drink alcohol at this time, don’t be surprised if you feel more worse for wear than you usually might.

The waning moon is another fourteen-day period and leads up to a new moon. The power of the moon on our bodies at this time increases our ability to detoxify and release. The closer to the new moon, the more effective this force is. On the day of the new moon, the body’s ability to detoxify is at its highest, so any naturopathic technique or practice that supports and encourages elimination will be extremely helpful at this time.

It’s also worth noting which astrological sign the moon is passing through as each different sign governs an area of the body (see list below). The moon passes through the same signs during its twenty-eight day orbit around the Earth and stays in each sign for just three days. You can use this information to promote healing in a particular part of the body on a deep level.

Aries — head eyes and nose
Taurus — jaw and neck/throat
Gemini — shoulders, arms and hands
Cancer — chest, lungs, stomach, liver and gallbladder
Leo — heart and circulation
Virgo — digestion, spleen and pancreas
Libra — hips, kidneys and bladder
Scorpio — sexual organs
Sagittarius — sacrum, coccyx and thighs
Capricorn — knees, skin and bones
Aquarius — lower leg and veins
Pisces — feet and toes

There are many ways to celebrate and link in with the power of the moon. In naturopathy, we use this information to assist a greater level of healing and to help us to attune with the natural rhythms of the universe, reinforcing our connection with Mother Earth.

To further your awareness around this subject, you could purchase a moon diary to keep yourself on track with your own cycles and the cycles of the moon. Waoooooooooo!

Thalia xx

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