5 steps to a vaccination decision

Part one
We spend nine months incubating our amazing little piece of us — our hope and our future. We eat raw organic foods, we plan the most amazing perfect birth, we hold our babe and we feed it with the nourishment of our own perfect formula designed just for our baby. Then before we have time to consider the reality of life, we are faced with the pressured and fearful decision of immunisation.

What do you do? It is not something you can ask to read the label on as you do in a supermarket — I will give you a clue: vaccinations are not raw, they are not vegan and you may want to reach for a bucket when you realise what they really are! Your health visitor and even your mum may lovingly think it is for the best in this world of horrible diseases and you are terrified to ask anyone at the local ‘mums and babes’ group.

The good news is that in the UK you do not have to vaccinate your little ones and you may be surprised just how many parents are exercising their freedom of choice. If you cannot decide what to do you can always choose to just not vaccinate for today and give yourself some time to make this important decision.

Part two
If you choose not to vaccinate your precious little ones, how can you protect them from disease? You now own the responsibility of health for your children. If it makes you feel any better, everyone should own the responsibility of health — sticking a needle in your innocent babe is not really a get out clause!

So what do you do? Simple — you allow the immune system to do its job, you support the immune system with what it needs, such as natural wholesome foods and a great natural first aid kit, and you give your baby the time and love it needs to heal when needed. Lots of love and cuddles on the sofa when they feel poorly is just what a natural mama orders.

How about the medical profession — what do you say when they are telling you how irresponsible you are, maybe how you are risking a life? I suggest you follow a simple holistic principle: just for today do not vaccinate. I have supported so many families who have taken the decision one day at a time. Knowing that you can vaccinate at any time, but that you are choosing not to just for today is most empowering. It really does just take off the pressure.

Part three
If you have chosen not to vaccinate for the time being, but are worrying about your children catching something, the most important thing to remember is you can only catch a disease if you are susceptible to it. So every child should not contract every disease.

How do we help our immune system be strong to unknown invasion? In addition to your natural homeopathic/ first aid kit, diet plays a huge part in keeping strong and healthy. When tiny, breastfeed your baby if you can, for as long as you feel able to. Breastfeed with love and your baby will shine. Also, if you want natural immunity please eliminate any sugar in your child’s diet (and yours if you are breastfeeding). Sugar increases susceptibility to childhood diseases — in fact everyone would be better off quitting sugar and then we would be less panicked by many bug and beastie scares. Whatever your dietary preference, be sure to eat lots of fresh, organic, raw fruit and vegetables. If you eat dairy and/or meat, then also choose organic or at the very least free range if your budget is too restrictive. I feel it is better to eat a smaller amount of good quality food than plenty of poor quality.

Make fresh vegetable juice as often as you can and give your family a wide range of natural nutrients, covering the right balance of seeds, nuts and fruit and vegetables all the colours of the rainbow.

Part four
So you are supporting a natural lifestyle and then your little one gets poorly — stay calm, treat naturally! Make sure your child has the additional nutrients for the condition they have. A good example is chickenpox. The body needs extra zinc and vitamin A, C and E to defend itself. I would also recommend omega oils, possibly in the form of hemp mylk, hemp protein powder or flax oil. If you learn the chickenpox virus is circulating in your area, it would be beneficial to increase the amounts of these nutrients in our diets. If you are concerned about your poorly child not eating properly, it may be worth considering a good quality short-term supplementation program to aid recovery. In addition I always use a suitable homeopathic remedy to help support the immune system alongside.

The best recovery takes place when the body is resting, so sleep is vital. If your child has an on-going problem with a sleep pattern, it would be worth looking at holistic care to fix this weakness. Sleep problems can arise from a number of causes — one example is mineral deficiencies, such as a magnesium and calcium imbalance.

I believe getting outdoors and getting plenty of fresh air is another important ingredient for health. Being active and inhaling natures air borne nutrients (aim for pollen, not pollution) helps us to sleep, grow strong and develop. The visual and physical stimulation also helps us develop our sensory and motor skills.

Part five
So you choose not to vaccinate just for today, you juice, use natural remedies and your little one plays in the garden and sleeps well — is there anything else that would help? Yes — one last important thing for your child’s immunity. It is priceless, the most precious gift and medicine you can give any child. What is it? This secret elixir that I could perhaps market and make my millions with? Love and cuddles. So many children are poorly because they need more cuddles and love from those around them. If they are poorly, take the day out and hug them, read with them, rest with them, just be with them. When they have recovered from their fever they will feel stronger and more confident than before. Their immune system will have fought a battle and won. Their immune system will have grown up a bit. It will feel more confident when faced with another challenge.

If you chose not to vaccinate — be strong, visualise how you want to feel when your children are older and you are looking back at their immunity. Visualise feeling proud of what you have stood up for and achieved. That is your vision to help you through the challenges of being a natural immunity parent.

Dawn Waterhouse


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4 Responses to “5 steps to a vaccination decision”

  1. Well said we have a 2 year old and we have not vaccinated him and have watched him grow into a strong and healthy young man, he has had his ailments but has always grown stronger for going through them with the use of mamas milk, herbs, love and support he is doing great. In our opinion vaccinations are not necessary.

    January 8, 2013 at 1:43 pm Reply
  2. Bless you – we need more people to stand up and say ” Look… I have not vaccinated, and not only is my child still alive … he / she is super healthy for it too”. This encouragement will help the thruth shine through. xx

    January 14, 2013 at 10:43 am Reply
  3. When my daughter was born, for various reasons I succumbed to the pressure to have her vaccinated (the first ones). I then treated her so that her body didn’t hold on to the vaccinations and she had no symptoms.

    By the time it came to her first booster jabs, followed by the MMR, I stood my ground and flat out said no to any more vaccinations. She’s just turned 3 and has never needed antibiotics and only has general colds (which never seem to stop her!).
    She’s only been physically sick once (literally) – when the Noro virus struck a couple of years ago, and even then she only needed mama’s cuddles, cwtches and love. She was sick after a feed once, but that was because I was jigging her up and down on my knee!!) 🙂

    I have also signed forms to ensure that she isn’t vaccinated at any point throughout her schooling. I agree with Matt that vaccinations aren’t necessary. xx

    January 14, 2013 at 8:14 pm Reply
  4. Thank you Cazzie. Another great parent making a choice of wisdom. Please keep sharing your stories. Cuddles and Love are so important. It is a foundation that we need to grow. xxx

    January 14, 2013 at 10:22 pm Reply

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