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Naturopathic nutrition is the most holistic therapy I have ever come across. The word ‘holistic’ can be bandied around a lot and is certainly a popular word highlighted in the media but Naturopathic Nutrition is a true reflection of the real meaning behind this word.

Not only does a Naturopathic Nutritionist look at your diet and what you are consuming/taking into the body, but it looks at many other factors which are often not taken into account with standard nutritional advisors. Having this extra knowledge enables the practitioner to build a ‘whole’ picture of who you are as an individual and how to help you achieve all your health goals with a tailor made programme of nutritional advice and naturopathic techniques. Whether this is to rid yourself of dis-ease, ill health, debilitating ailments or just to feel fitter, stronger with increased vibrancy and life-force Naturopathic Nutrition delivers EVERYTIME!

So what are the elements of practising naturopathic nutrition that make is so unique?

Well a practitioner will not only look at diet (although this is our main focus) but will also look at the following:

•Your inherited health picture (learning about your families health picture gives the practitioner a strong indication of what weaknesses may have been inherited and where you may need help to strengthen yourself, what naturopathic techniques to use to strengthen certain areas of the body)

•Your personal health history (going right from birth to present day)

•The Chinese five elements (which element is your strongest and which one is your weakness gives the practitioner another indication how and where we should be working with the body)

•The moon cycles (depending on which moon phase we are in new moon or full moon either has a powerful ability to encourage the body to detoxify or absorb and we use this knowledge in creating a healing programme for you)

•The seasonal cycles (helping you to create the perfect diet in accordance with what we find grows in our local natural area and which naturopathic techniques to incorporate to boost certain areas of the body)

•What you want to achieve (be it perfect health, glowing skin, better moods, improved concentration, more energy all these things are easily achieved with the right plan in place

The focus of Naturopathic Nutrition is NOT on supplementation (although this does have its uses) but more importantly to create a dietary and healing programme that fits in with your daily needs and requirements and that is easy to follow to help you achieve all your health goals. Don’t take your health for granted it’s your ticket to happiness!

Thalia Goodman

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