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Hemp Protein Powder – Awesome For Athletes

Many of our most active customers like nothing more than a rigorous workout at their local gym. So, they’re naturally keen to know which protein powder is best for boosting energy levels, enhancing performance, burning fat, promoting muscle development, repair and recovery and generally refuelling their bodies. We’re always quick to recommend hemp protein powder […]

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10 top raw foods to warm you up!

So it may be spring, but we can still feel the chill in the air! Here’s our top 10 raw foods to make you feel all warm and cosy on a chilly day – 1. Make soup For a warming vegetable soup, cut up two carrots, half a butternut squash, half an onion, and a […]

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Are super greens really healthy?

Busy mum of three, Lauren, contacted us about super greens – she had recently read a lot about this particular category of superfood and wanted to know if they are really as good for our health and well-being as some people would have us believe and, perhaps more importantly, how her growing family could directly […]

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Coconut smoothie

Cool Coconut Smoothie

A healthy exotic tasty tropical smoothie! So simple to make, you will want to make it whenever the sun is out! Serves 1 – 2 – 1 Banana – Half a carton of Dr Martin’s Coco Drink – Half a lime, juiced – Half a teaspoon of Spirulina – 2 Oranges, juiced Add all the […]

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