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superfoods for kids

6 sensational superfoods for kids

When your kids ask ‘mum what’s for tea?’ you’ll naturally want to reply with something that’s not only temptingly delicious, but also exceptionally healthy. Indeed, making sure that your children get to enjoy a varied and balanced diet that’s packed with wholesome nutrients is one of the greatest challenges you’ll face as a parent. Introducing […]

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Calcium rich superfoods

5 dairy-free superfoods that are surprisingly rich in calcium

Calcium is an essential mineral for healthy bones and teeth – a lack of calcium can affect the bone development of children and lead to osteoporosis in adults. Yet many of you will be either unable to enjoy or prefer to avoid those foods that are traditionally associated with a high calcium content, such as […]

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coconut oil

Coconut oil – the natural way to prevent tooth decay

According to the National Health Service, around one in every three adults in England have some form of dental decay. The British Dental Health Association reports that a staggering 74% of people in the UK have had a tooth extracted, whilst 19% have full or partial dentures. And worryingly, some 60% to 90% of children […]

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Healthy snacks for kids

Top 5 healthy snacks for kids

Children are constantly changing and growing. Which is why it’s so important to make sure they benefit from a varied and balanced diet that supplies their body with all of the nutrients it needs for healthy development. This not only means providing quality meals around the dining table, but also a wide range of healthy […]

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pregnant 1

Top 6 Superfoods During Pregnancy

A wholesome and varied diet is important for everyone, but if you’re pregnant or planning to get pregnant it’s absolutely vital for your own physical fitness and the optimum growth and development of your baby. Studies also suggest that what you eat during pregnancy will directly influence your child’s future eating habits, so you’ll want […]

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raw food party

Make everyday an unbirthday

The Mad Hatter was right – there are 364 unbirthdays in every non-leap year. That’s 364 unbirthdays to celebrate and make special. And there’s every reason to make a tea party (or dinner at least) the most exciting, delicious and nutritious part of your child’s day. how do we keep our little people ecstatic about […]

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“OPINION” Thoughts from The Fresh and Live Mama

Milk. What is it? What is its purpose? Where does it come from? I can answer all these questions in one sentence. Milk is a living food that is produced by mammals for their young on planet earth, its main purposes being to feed and nourish and pass on natural immunity. Not including nut milks […]

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dawn artcile

5 steps to a vaccination decision

Part one We spend nine months incubating our amazing little piece of us — our hope and our future. We eat raw organic foods, we plan the most amazing perfect birth, we hold our babe and we feed it with the nourishment of our own perfect formula designed just for our baby. Then before we […]

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