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Coconut Oil – Nature’s Moisturiser

Ninety-nine percent of all skincare products on the market are created as an emulsion (most commonly, tap water and petroleum-derived oil). And if you look on the label you will see that ‘aqua’ (which is a posh scientific word for water), is usually the first ingredient on the list. These lists are quantitative which means […]

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Himalayan salt bath – 3 great benefits for skin

There is nothing better than relaxing in a steaming hot bath after a stressful day (well, apart from perhaps also consuming a couple of squares of raw chocolate!) But did you know that you could optimize your relaxation by adding a cupful or large chunk of Himalayan Bath salt?  It’s one of the purest salts […]

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Detox diet

Detox Diet – top 3 most cleansing superfoods

Regardless of whether you are a vegetarian or a confirmed meat-eater, the typical Western diet will unfortunately expose your body to more toxins in the form of flavour enhancers, food colourings, pesticides and preservatives, than it can either handle or remove. This can make you feel under the weather and trigger a range of unpleasant […]

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gluten free

Gluten Free Diet – What Is It?

The sale of gluten free products has more than doubled since 2005 and the gluten free product range looks set for continued expansion. But why are so many of us embarking upon a gluten free diet? Below, we explore the gluten free diet in more detail, outline its main benefits and introduce you to two […]

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Himalayan Pink Salt – bathe in luxury

There’s nothing quite like steeping yourself, teabag-like, in a bath of steaming hot water after a day out in autumnal downpours and bluster. For the eco-conscious this is a perfect time to put your ‘green’ money where your mouth is and bathe with a friend to save water, even better get the whole family in […]

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Beauty in the raw

There are always trends in any field — beauty trends seem to follow food trends albeit about a decade behind. With food we first of all had the wholefood movement back in the 1960s and 1970s followed by the organic boom in the 1990s, we are now experiencing the amazing situation of raw foods becoming […]

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Exercise for Beauty

If you have ever read anything I have written, you will know that good nutrition is the keystone of having gorgeous, flawless and healthy skin. Any products used upon the skin itself are secondary to diet, merely helping to cleanse or lubricate the external structure of the skin. There is however, an often overlooked third […]

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Using Coconut Oil for beautiful hair

Hair, just like skin, reflects the health of the whole body. Dry hair can indicate sub-clinical dehydration or lack of essential fats (which help keep the hair shaft nicely lubricated). Lack of essential proteins can create brittle, weak hair that snaps and looks straw-like. Too much sun, chlorinated pool water, artificial heat, chemicals and rough […]

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raw cacao butter

Cacao butter and how it’s made

Raw cacao butter is totally unrefined, contains no sugar or milk and is rich in beneficial vitamins, minerals fibres and essential fatty acids that provide a range of benefits for both our physical and emotional health. Not only is raw cacao butter utterly delicious, it’s also exceptionally nourishing for our skin and can be used […]

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Fragrant face — my top 10 essential oils for natural beauty

I love using nature’s essential oils in my DIY beauty care and pampering rituals. Essential oils are powerful gifts — aromatic essences from the world’s most therapeutic and fragrant plants. They perform many functions in health and skincare as well as affecting our moods via our sense of smell. There are thousands of essential oils […]

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