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3 step skin detox plan

New Year is detox time and who doesn’t make some sort of healthy living plan once all the tempting Christmas foods have been eaten and the last of the New Years Eve alcohol has been swallowed? While designing your ‘brand new me’ diet and exercise plan, spare a thought for your skin too. We often […]

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10 more beauty tips from Miss Eco Glam

A really great way to keep skin looking good is to use a loofah regularly or a bristle brush which will help the skin to exfoliate and also boost your circulation. Do it at least once a day to get the best benefit. I have found some great ones at Planet Organic although any health […]

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10 Beauty tips

A lot of you lovely people have been asking for my summer beauty tips so I have put together a list of my favourite things! I have been lucky to discover some incredible products and brands since starting Miss Eco Glam back in 2009, and have tested out literally hundreds of different things. All are […]

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Raw — You look gorgeous!

I was so delighted to gather the results of my recent survey into womens attitudes to natural beauty. I carried out the survey of 1000 women with a leading professor from the University of Hertfordshire (Professor Karen Pine has also by the way contributed an excellent section to my latest book on how to ‘think […]

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Omega 3 — Indulge in this fat fetish!

Previously, I asked whether ‘light’ from living plants and animals, in the form of scientifically measurable biophotons, holds the key to understanding how the much-talked-of ‘life force’ in raw foods can improve our health and vitality. Today I’m looking at another intriguing feature of foods that is linked to light — the ability of fats […]

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Enemas — Cleansing for better all round health

What does it mean to be clean? Well, in todays’ society we usually think of being clean as showering, taking a bath or putting on fresh clothes. Being clean used to have a whole different meaning as far back as 1500 BC when the Egyptians were not only cleaning their bodies externally but internally too. […]

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Opinion on true beauty

For many years, I thought I knew what beauty was; I thought about it constantly. Growing up, I was bullied about my appearance and was the butt of many jokes, from both boys and girls, almost on a daily basis. I was very, very thin to the point of looking like I had an eating […]

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Natural Skin Treatment – 4 Superfoods For Superb Skin

Your skin is an outward indicator of your inner health and skin problems are often a reaction to an imbalance of minerals, toxins, oxidative stress or inflammation within the body. Unfortunately, shelling out on expensive revitalizing creams, face lotions and other fancy skin treatments won’t solve your skin problems. These only work on the outside […]

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