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Moringa powder

The miracle that is moringa

Global life expectancy has steadily increased over the ages, and, thanks to major advancements in science and medicine, dramatically so during the last hundred years. In 1901 the average UK life expectancy was just 45 years for men and 49 years for women. Yet by 2012 this had risen to 79.2 years for men and […]

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organic chlorella powder

Enjoy organic chlorella powder, enjoy five superb health benefits!

There’s more and more evidence, such as the exhaustive study conducted by the UK Medical Research Council, that the nutrient content of our commercially grown food products is in sharp decline. In fact, it is estimated that the nutrient value of our fresh food produce, such as fruit and vegetables, has fallen by a dramatic […]

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cacao beans

The truth about chocolate and its health links

Artist and cartoonist, John Q. Tullius once quipped: ‘Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies.” Nowhere is this more evident than in the UK – a nation of chocolate lovers where the average citizen devours a remarkable 10.2 kg of chocolate per year. Yet how many of us can truly […]

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Organic pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds – superfood powerhouses of nutrition

Pumpkins are a variety of squash that is native to North America and believed to have been cultivated as a source of food since 7000 BC. They are round vegetables, with thick, slightly ribbed orange skins that contain both pumpkin seeds and pulp. Organic pumpkin seeds are small, flat, green edible seeds that are protected […]

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organic almonds

Amazing almonds and three astounding health benefits!

According to archaeological finds, the almond tree was cultivated as long ago as 3000 BC and, thanks to its early flowering, has remained an enduring symbol of watchfulness and promise that was mentioned in the bible several times. Yet did you know that the organic almond is also a mineral rich superfood that can offer a […]

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organic hemp protein powder

Hemp protein powder – five compelling health benefits

We all need a certain amount of protein to stay healthy – protein is essential for the growth and repair of our bodies and serves as a valuable source of fuel. Those who sometimes struggle to obtain sufficient quantities of protein from their food, including vegans, vegetarians and rawfood enthusiasts, often turn to protein supplements […]

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Raw Cacao Nibs For A Healthy Heart

Responsible for an average of 200 deaths per day, Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is arguably the UK’s biggest killer. Approximately one in six men and one in nine women currently die from the disease and, according to the NHS, there are some 2.7 million people living with the condition and a further 2 million people […]

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Raw chocolate

Raw chocolate – can it lower blood pressure?

An increasingly sedentary lifestyle combined with a contemporary diet that is high in saturated fats and unhealthy refined sugars, is putting more and more of us at risk of serious illnesses such as chronic obesity, diabetes and the UK’s number one killer, heart disease. According to the British Heart Foundation a massive 25% of all […]

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Brazilian Ginseng

Brazilian ginseng – for energy, balance and invigoration

Do you frequently feel worn out and completely exhausted? Do you find it difficult to summon up sufficient energy for that visit to the gym that you’ve been promising yourself? Our modern, frenetic lifestyle can often leave us feeling tired and lethargic and at this time of year our immune system in particular can take […]

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blood cells

How intestinal health can give you a glowing appearance and a brighter future

Your body has millions of cells that rely on oxygen, water and food nutrients for nourishment, repair, regeneration and general health. This means that all our cells, tissues and organs depend on our digestive system to function properly. It is for this reason that the digestive system is located right in the centre of our […]

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