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barley grass powder benefits

Why the buzz about barley grass?

There’s been a great deal of buzz about barley grass of late – the salutary supergreen extract made from the leaf of the barley plant and features heavily in celebrity nutritionist Gillian McKeith’s book, “Living Food for Health: 12 Natural Super-foods to Transform Your Health”. So, what is it about barley grass that’s turning heads […]

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Organic chia seeds

Are organic chia seeds just another fad?

Our national appetite for superfoods has grown demonstrably over the last decades – especially after the publication of bestselling book, ‘Superfoods’, by Michael van Straten and Barbara Griggs, in 1990. Since then, we’ve seen an increasing availability of ever more exotic superfoods in our health food shops and supermarkets. And, whilst most of us recognise […]

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Moringa powder

The miracle that is moringa

Global life expectancy has steadily increased over the ages, and, thanks to major advancements in science and medicine, dramatically so during the last hundred years. In 1901 the average UK life expectancy was just 45 years for men and 49 years for women. Yet by 2012 this had risen to 79.2 years for men and […]

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Organic carob powder

Choose carob for 3 fabulous health benefits!

A confirmed nation of chocolate lovers, we consumed some 661million kg of cocoa-based products in 2012 alone. Yet despite this, more and more of us are becoming switched on to the health risks associated with some of our favourite confectionary items. Standard chocolate is laden with refined sugars, fattening dairy products and a ream of […]

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cacao beans

The truth about chocolate and its health links

Artist and cartoonist, John Q. Tullius once quipped: ‘Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies.” Nowhere is this more evident than in the UK – a nation of chocolate lovers where the average citizen devours a remarkable 10.2 kg of chocolate per year. Yet how many of us can truly […]

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Organic pitted prunes

Organic pitted prunes – 3 persuasive reasons for putting them on your menu

To escape the negative connotations as an effective relief from constipation, organic pitted prunes are often referred to on product packaging as ‘dried plums’. Indeed that’s exactly what they are – dried versions of the Prunus drupe fruit. Exceptionally sweet and succulent, yet extremely low in saturated fat, organic pitted plums are bursting with beneficial […]

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organic almonds

Amazing almonds and three astounding health benefits!

According to archaeological finds, the almond tree was cultivated as long ago as 3000 BC and, thanks to its early flowering, has remained an enduring symbol of watchfulness and promise that was mentioned in the bible several times. Yet did you know that the organic almond is also a mineral rich superfood that can offer a […]

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Moringa powder

Moringa powder – three compelling reasons to enjoy more moringa!

Moringa powder is a powerful natural superfood extract made from the leaves of the Moringa tree (Moringa oleifera), a flowering tree, which is grown in sub-tropical and tropical regions of Africa, Asia and South America. The tree, often called the ‘tree of life’, is now regularly cultivated in developing countries as a primary source of […]

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organic hemp protein powder

Hemp protein powder – five compelling health benefits

We all need a certain amount of protein to stay healthy – protein is essential for the growth and repair of our bodies and serves as a valuable source of fuel. Those who sometimes struggle to obtain sufficient quantities of protein from their food, including vegans, vegetarians and rawfood enthusiasts, often turn to protein supplements […]

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Low cholesterol diet

The low cholesterol diet and three essential superfoods

An alarming 60% of all UK adults suffer from high cholesterol levels, which, if left unchecked, can cause atherosclerosis (a narrowing of the arteries), heart disease, heart attack and stroke. According to the NHS, eating a healthy, balanced diet that is low in saturated fats (and in particular trans fats) is a great way of […]

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