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Calcium rich superfoods

5 dairy-free superfoods that are surprisingly rich in calcium

Calcium is an essential mineral for healthy bones and teeth – a lack of calcium can affect the bone development of children and lead to osteoporosis in adults. Yet many of you will be either unable to enjoy or prefer to avoid those foods that are traditionally associated with a high calcium content, such as […]

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Organic pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds – superfood powerhouses of nutrition

Pumpkins are a variety of squash that is native to North America and believed to have been cultivated as a source of food since 7000 BC. They are round vegetables, with thick, slightly ribbed orange skins that contain both pumpkin seeds and pulp. Organic pumpkin seeds are small, flat, green edible seeds that are protected […]

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Maca Powder – Managing The Menopause Naturally

The menopause is certainly not something that most women look forward to! And that’s hardly surprising when 8 out of 10 will suffer from at least one of a long list of unpleasant symptoms commonly associated with the ‘change of life’, including hot flushes, migraines, lethargy and even depression. Or when the standard treatments available […]

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Balance your hormones — the natural way

Hormones are like phone lines, sending signals across large distances. What happens when your signal is too weak? It’s like a phone line being down – things soon start to go haywire! One of the most prevalent hormonal imbalances I come across in my clinic is caused by insulin. Insulin imbalances ultimately result in insulin […]

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