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Organic Goji berries – helping you lose weight and gain energy

Goji berries, which are also known as Wolfberries, grow on the Box Thorn (Lycium barbarum), an impressive flowering shrub that has branches of up to five metres in length and is related to the nightshade family. Native to the Himalayas, the Box Thorn was first discovered around 800 AD by Tibetan monks who were attracted […]

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Organic dried dates

Organic dried dates – the exotic superfood that’s bursting with natural goodness

Organic dried dates are a particularly popular treat during Christmas and New Year. Yet, did you know that this exotic superfood is also flush with essential nutrients, including natural fruit sugars, fibre, vitamins and minerals, which offer a range of important health benefits that can be enjoyed all year round? (more…)

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Brazilian ginseng

Brazilian ginseng – three great reasons to ‘go Brazilian’!

As next year’s World Cup draws ever near, those not so keen on football might be forgiven for having already had their fill of ‘Brazil fever’. Yet, there are three great reasons for going Brazilian that have absolutely nothing to do with soccer and everything to do with a supreme superfood extract from the vibrant […]

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Moringa powder

Moringa powder – three compelling reasons to enjoy more moringa!

Moringa powder is a powerful natural superfood extract made from the leaves of the Moringa tree (Moringa oleifera), a flowering tree, which is grown in sub-tropical and tropical regions of Africa, Asia and South America. The tree, often called the ‘tree of life’, is now regularly cultivated in developing countries as a primary source of […]

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Mighty maca – managing our moods naturally!

According to the UK Mental Health Foundation, sound nutrition is essential for our mental health and plays an important role in the development, management and prevention of specific mental health problems such as depression. They also suggest that we can achieve a balanced mood and feelings of wellbeing by ensuring that our diet provides adequate amounts of […]

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organic hemp protein powder

Hemp protein powder – five compelling health benefits

We all need a certain amount of protein to stay healthy – protein is essential for the growth and repair of our bodies and serves as a valuable source of fuel. Those who sometimes struggle to obtain sufficient quantities of protein from their food, including vegans, vegetarians and rawfood enthusiasts, often turn to protein supplements […]

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Eating Raw – 3 Great Results For Better Health

How would you like to Sleep better? Have increased energy? ‘Expel’ easily? In the world of raw, you don’t have to forsake everything that is cooked. It’s about bringing more goodness into your life and maintaining a good balance. Sure, you can go for the whole 100 per cent but that does not necessarily mean […]

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Raw Cacao Powder – The Superfood For More Energy

Raw cacao powder boasts a deliciously intense chocolate flavour and is extremely rich in beneficial nutrients including vitamins, minerals, fibre and essential fatty acids, which encourage weight loss (by promoting a prolonged feeling of fullness) and have been clinically proven to reduce hardening of the arteries, reverse heart disease and lower blood pressure. But did […]

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Acid Alkaline Balance – Why you need to be Alkaline

In this compelling video leading UK wellness coach, Tanya Alekseeva, reveals: What experts really mean when they talk about PH balance Why PH balance is crucial for your physical health and mental wellbeing How to determine where YOU sit on the PH scale The main causes of acidity in your body How you can enjoy […]

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Banana and orange smoothie

Ginseng Bumper Smoothie

Brazilian ginseng has been used for centuries to boost energy levels, heighten libido and strengthen the immune system. This delicious Ginseng Bumper Smoothie is guaranteed to leave you buzzing with energy and ready to face the day ahead! (more…)

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