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organic matcha green tea powder

Matcha green tea powder and 7 compelling health benefits

Drinking a daily cup of tea will surely starve the apothecary… or so an old Chinese proverb goes. And there’s one tea in particular that seems to offer almost unrivalled health benefits – matcha green tea. Matcha green tea has played an integral role in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony for centuries, and matcha green […]

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whole hemp seeds

Whole Hemp Seeds and 5 Wholesome Health Benefits

Hemp is one of the oldest medicinal plants on our planet, which has been harnessed by a number of cultures, including the ancient Indians, Mesopotamians, Sumerians, Persians, Egyptians and indigenous tribes of Central America, for a variety of uses since the Stone Age. And, thanks to an increased awareness of the myriad health benefits associated […]

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Wheatgrass powder

Wheatgrass powder – worth its weight in gold?

The debate around wheatgrass powder has raged ever since US chemist, Charles Schnabel, nicknamed ‘Mr Wheatgrass’, first began extolling its virtues back in the 1930’s. Since then much has been made about its exceptional nutritional profile and potential health benefits, and its popularity among health conscious consumers has continued to grow. In tandem, a number […]

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Organic chia seeds

Are organic chia seeds just another fad?

Our national appetite for superfoods has grown demonstrably over the last decades – especially after the publication of bestselling book, ‘Superfoods’, by Michael van Straten and Barbara Griggs, in 1990. Since then, we’ve seen an increasing availability of ever more exotic superfoods in our health food shops and supermarkets. And, whilst most of us recognise […]

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organic chlorella powder

Enjoy organic chlorella powder, enjoy five superb health benefits!

There’s more and more evidence, such as the exhaustive study conducted by the UK Medical Research Council, that the nutrient content of our commercially grown food products is in sharp decline. In fact, it is estimated that the nutrient value of our fresh food produce, such as fruit and vegetables, has fallen by a dramatic […]

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Organic carob powder

Choose carob for 3 fabulous health benefits!

A confirmed nation of chocolate lovers, we consumed some 661million kg of cocoa-based products in 2012 alone. Yet despite this, more and more of us are becoming switched on to the health risks associated with some of our favourite confectionary items. Standard chocolate is laden with refined sugars, fattening dairy products and a ream of […]

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cacao beans

The truth about chocolate and its health links

Artist and cartoonist, John Q. Tullius once quipped: ‘Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies.” Nowhere is this more evident than in the UK – a nation of chocolate lovers where the average citizen devours a remarkable 10.2 kg of chocolate per year. Yet how many of us can truly […]

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Organic Goji berries – helping you lose weight and gain energy

Goji berries, which are also known as Wolfberries, grow on the Box Thorn (Lycium barbarum), an impressive flowering shrub that has branches of up to five metres in length and is related to the nightshade family. Native to the Himalayas, the Box Thorn was first discovered around 800 AD by Tibetan monks who were attracted […]

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Organic chia seeds

Can organic chia seeds really help you to lose weight?

According to the British Nutrition Foundation, we tend to increase our calorie intake by around 500 calories per day over and above the recommended amount at Christmas, resulting in an average weight gain of approximately five pounds. However, with only 2% of dieters able to maintain their weight-loss using conventional diet plans, perhaps it’s time […]

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Organic dried dates

Organic dried dates – the exotic superfood that’s bursting with natural goodness

Organic dried dates are a particularly popular treat during Christmas and New Year. Yet, did you know that this exotic superfood is also flush with essential nutrients, including natural fruit sugars, fibre, vitamins and minerals, which offer a range of important health benefits that can be enjoyed all year round? (more…)

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