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Organic pitted prunes

Organic pitted prunes – 3 persuasive reasons for putting them on your menu

To escape the negative connotations as an effective relief from constipation, organic pitted prunes are often referred to on product packaging as ‘dried plums’. Indeed that’s exactly what they are – dried versions of the Prunus drupe fruit. Exceptionally sweet and succulent, yet extremely low in saturated fat, organic pitted plums are bursting with beneficial […]

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organic almonds

Amazing almonds and three astounding health benefits!

According to archaeological finds, the almond tree was cultivated as long ago as 3000 BC and, thanks to its early flowering, has remained an enduring symbol of watchfulness and promise that was mentioned in the bible several times. Yet did you know that the organic almond is also a mineral rich superfood that can offer a […]

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Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee bean extract – lose weight easily using the superfood extract with attitude!

The number of British people classified as obese has trebled in the last 25 years – according to the NHS some 68% of men and 58% of women are now either overweight or obese. And it’s not only our physical appearance and self-esteem that are impacted by unwelcome weight gain. Indeed, obesity puts us at […]

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organic hemp protein powder

Hemp protein powder – five compelling health benefits

We all need a certain amount of protein to stay healthy – protein is essential for the growth and repair of our bodies and serves as a valuable source of fuel. Those who sometimes struggle to obtain sufficient quantities of protein from their food, including vegans, vegetarians and rawfood enthusiasts, often turn to protein supplements […]

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organic carob powder

Carob Powder – the delicious caffeine-free alternative to chocolate

We Brits have enjoyed a love affair with chocolate that’s endured for centuries – in fact we’ve never really looked back since the very first chocolate factory opened in 1657, culminating in a chocolate industry that is worth an estimated 4 billion pounds today. Unfortunately though, not all of us are able to indulge in […]

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Acid Alkaline Balance – Why you need to be Alkaline

In this compelling video leading UK wellness coach, Tanya Alekseeva, reveals: What experts really mean when they talk about PH balance Why PH balance is crucial for your physical health and mental wellbeing How to determine where YOU sit on the PH scale The main causes of acidity in your body How you can enjoy […]

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Protein diet plan

The protein diet plan – 3 facts that you should know before starting

With weight related illness and disease costing the NHS an estimated £5 billion plus each year, tackling the UK obesity epidemic is now regarded as a major national priority. The NHS continues to stress that the best way to lose weight for good, is via a healthy, varied diet and regular exercise and not by […]

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Liquid diet - why you shouldn't avoid solids

The liquid diet – why you shouldn’t avoid solids

On 25th March, 2013, the UK government published a new policy called ‘Reducing obesity and improving diet’. The policy has been created to tackle the growing problem of UK obesity, which now threatens to overwhelm our National Health Service. Alarmingly, the policy reveals that 61.3% of British adults and 30% of children are overweight or […]

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no carb diet

No carb diet – miracle or disaster?

The UK diet industry is worth a jaw-dropping £2 billion pounds – pretty impressive for a business that makes its money locking us into a futile cycle of unhealthy eating and unrealistic diet plans that are doomed to failure. One such diet, the no carb diet is currently all the rage. So, is this diet […]

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Diet food list

Diet food list – top 5 unusual diet foods that work

The UK is currently in the grip of an unprecedented obesity crisis – more than 50% of us are now either overweight or obese, putting a massive strain on our health and placing an immense burden on our ailing NHS. Yet, as 98% of all diets fail, including fad diets such as the F-Plan diet, […]

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