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“OPINION” The chemical free home

When our Romanian au pair arrived to live with us, and announced – ‘Yes…I love to clean’ I declared Thank You God !, but soon realised that she was not at all impressed by my collection of items for cleaning – bi-carbonate of soda, microfibre cloths, tea tree oil and lemons. She took herself off […]

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“OPINION” A letter to your body

A while back you may have read the rather moving article ‘A letter to my body’ in the Daily Mail. In the article, four female journalists were asked to write a letter to their own body. It was quite poignant and rather sad. One woman felt she had never been pretty enough, tall enough or […]

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“OPINION” The wounded healer

I’ve been freed from a lifetime’s worth of angst and it took exactly an hour”, my friend said, her face shining with new found contentment. I was intrigued enough to find out more and duly went along to a Family Constellations workshop in a church hall in Hertfordshire. Family Constellations is inordinately difficult to explain […]

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lost friend

“OPINION” Til death us do part

I recently heard via a social network site that my former English teacher had passed away after a long illness at the age of eighty. A fellow student had remained in contact with her and was informed by her family when she died. He then duly passed the sad news to several of us who […]

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“OPINION” One sunrise can bring us home

As the sun rises I am reminded that we are never separate from source — no matter what our life choices, the portal is always ajar for us to open and step through. The sacredness of nature, the unconditionality of the sun’s dharma and the ever present gift of the life force of our breath. […]

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Hand Reaching

“OPINION” A helping hand

Six months ago, I was flying from London to Rome with my three children: my two-year-old and my soon-to-be six-year-old twins. When we landed in Rome, we made our way off the plane and boarded an airport bus to take us to the main airport terminal. So, I walked from the plane to the bus […]

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Boost your vitamin D!

Well the summer is at an end and the nights are drawing in. After a bit of a turbulent start, we’ve seen some lovely weather, haven’t we? I do hope you’re sensibly topping up your vitamin D stores with some sunbathing. The more naked you can be the better. Doxtor’s orders. My summer so far […]

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6 point checklist to a new you

Naturopathic nutrition is the most holistic therapy I have ever come across. The word ‘holistic’ can be bandied around a lot and is certainly a popular word highlighted in the media but Naturopathic Nutrition is a true reflection of the real meaning behind this word. Not only does a Naturopathic Nutritionist look at your diet […]

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“OPINION” Look great naturally without ditching the lipstick

Can your lipstick give you heart problems? That was the recent headline in a national newspaper. I’ve been banging on about it for years but finally the mainstream are catching up and guys this affects you too. It’s not just lipstick — the offending culprit, the chemical preservative triclosan, is also found in toothpastes, soaps, […]

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“OPINION” The most important factor for your future health

Hands up if you consider yourself a seeker of health and vitality?  You’re a positive bunch who want to feel good and you take action to make it happen. Yet how often do you sit back and look at the underlying obstacles that limit how wholesome you can be — either as individuals or as […]

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