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Eating raw

Is eating raw really that healthy? 3 common concerns

More and more of us are taking an active interest in what we eat and are therefore making a conscious decision to avoid some of the overly processed, convenience foods that often masquerade as ‘healthy’ options or ‘light’ choices. Yet, thanks to modern farming techniques, even fresh produce, such as fruit and vegetables no longer […]

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Rawfood diet

Battling to stay on a rawfood diet – common nutrient deficiencies

Rawfoods are pure foods in their natural state – they are live, uncooked, totally unprocessed and as a result, fresh, vibrant and enzyme rich. Yet, whilst eating rawfoods offers infinite rewards for both our physical and mental wellbeing, it can also be a real challenge to obtain adequate quantities of essential vitamins, minerals and fatty […]

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trail mix for on the go

3 delicious rawfood snacks

Many of us embark upon an ambitious rawfood diet or healthy eating regime fully intending to stick rigidly to the programme, come what way. Whilst a little forward planning is usually all it takes to procure the necessary ingredients for a variety of nutritious, well thought out meals that last the entire week, we often […]

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passion flower

Grow your own, love

I love being British. We never get bored because the weather changes its mind “like the weather” so much, that we always have something to talk about. After what seemed like the longest winter ever, I just took my first long spring walk. Vest top, tanning as I went and no wellies needed. I love […]

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raw food diet

How raw food can improve your mood

Have you ever noticed how you fancy dipping your fingers into the chocolate tin when things are going awry? Comfort eating is just too damn easy. Every time we stop for petrol, we are faced with rows and rows of sugar-laden temptations. We go and buy a magazine and there they are again. Everywhere we […]

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raw food party

Make everyday an unbirthday

The Mad Hatter was right – there are 364 unbirthdays in every non-leap year. That’s 364 unbirthdays to celebrate and make special. And there’s every reason to make a tea party (or dinner at least) the most exciting, delicious and nutritious part of your child’s day. how do we keep our little people ecstatic about […]

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raw food

Raw food for beginners

We at Detox Your World promote raw foodism. Here we explain what the raw food diet is, and how you can start eating it. What is the raw food diet? People on a raw food diet eat 100% raw, uncooked food. There are many people who find this a little difficult (often due to social […]

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anna beach

The perfect vacation

GOING AWAY ON HOLIDAY NEEDN’T BE UNHEALTHY: Miss Eco Glam stays at the Scarlet, the UK’s only luxury eco hotel and stays raw! My husband and I had been in desperate need of a short holiday that was in the UK and was quite easy to get to and was of course enjoyable, even in […]

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6 point checklist to a new you

Naturopathic nutrition is the most holistic therapy I have ever come across. The word ‘holistic’ can be bandied around a lot and is certainly a popular word highlighted in the media but Naturopathic Nutrition is a true reflection of the real meaning behind this word. Not only does a Naturopathic Nutritionist look at your diet […]

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living foods

Wheatgrass — love living food

I love the seasonal shift at this time of year. Nature is profuse in her bounty — my morning walks are joyous as I come home with pockets full of acorns, hazel nuts, exquisitely coloured leaves and rosehips. Nature is my temple, a sanctuary of solitude, offering time to listen, to receive the fragments of […]

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