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star of wonder

Cashew nuts — Little stars of wonder

As the days get shorter, the leaves start tumbling, the wind starts howling, the air gets crisper, the mornings get darker and droplets catch on icy spider webs, then it’s time to stoke up the fire, huddle together and get creative in your kitchen. I have always loved making and creating with my daughter, Maya […]

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vics choc

Scrap the junk, eat raw chocolate instead!

When I first stumbled across the raw food diet, I really felt like I had struck gold, in terms of health and wellbeing. I was already eating lots of raw green smoothies and salads without really thinking about it. However once I was introduced to the wider raw experience by none other than Shazzie herself […]

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“OPINION” My journey into raw food (Part three – The perfect diet?)

Going back to the Amazonian tribe I stayed with whose diet was heavy in cooked meat, I noticed they all seemed to be drinking fermented beverages. With the obvious conclusion that meat takes a while to digest, it seemed those people surveyed who ate red meat had done so because of either B12 deficiency or […]

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“OPINION” My journey into raw food (Part two – Back in the UK)

When I arrived back home in the United Kingdom, the pieces of the puzzle started to fit into place. I started asking myself questions such as “how is it that a tribe of people can eat the same foods, have the exact same diet and yet the raw food community that I am part of […]

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“OPINION” My journey into raw food (Part one – An Amazonian adventure)

The world of diet is an enormous world to explore and to say one diet works for all is the equivalent of saying there is only one planet in the solar system. After five years of being a raw foodist, I have had the opportunity to explore a broad spectrum of people and their diets. […]

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