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kelp powder health benefits

The health benefits of kelp – superfood secret of the sea

If you love your sushi then you’re likely already familiar with the popular edible seaweed known as nori. But did you know that there’s another, arguably even more special variety of seaweed that’s an equally important ingredient in Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisine, and contains an impressive range of nutrients that are extremely beneficial for […]

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kelp powder

An underactive thyroid – key symptoms, causes and 1 natural solution

According to the NHS, 15 in every 1,000 women and 1 in every 1,000 men now suffer from an underactive thyroid in the UK. But what are the key causes and symptoms of this increasingly common thyroid problem and how can it be prevented with the help of the natural superfood extract, kelp powder? (more…)

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organic chlorella powder

Enjoy organic chlorella powder, enjoy five superb health benefits!

There’s more and more evidence, such as the exhaustive study conducted by the UK Medical Research Council, that the nutrient content of our commercially grown food products is in sharp decline. In fact, it is estimated that the nutrient value of our fresh food produce, such as fruit and vegetables, has fallen by a dramatic […]

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Spirulina – the protein-packed superfood for optimal health

Indigenous tribes have been reaping the innumerable benefits of spirulina, a protein-packed superfood made from fresh water algae, for centuries. The mighty Aztecs for example, supplied the low-calorie super green to their warriors and athletes in order to bolster strength and endurance. Today it is treasured for its impressive immune boosting, anti-aging, weight loss and […]

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Chlorella – why is it such a popular choice for detox?

Advancements in science and technology, in our eternal pursuit of growth and prosperity, have delivered many benefits, particularly in the field of health care. On the flip side they have also contributed to a sustained build up of heavy metals and toxins that can have a negative impact on our body. Indeed the World Health […]

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