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bee products

Bee products and why we think they’re the ‘bees knees’!

Three-quarters of the world’s crops require pollination. So, it’s hardly surprising that the dramatic reduction of our global honeybee population in recent years has caused widespread concern. The alarming rate of decline in bee numbers has been linked to several different factors, including loss of habitat, disease and the large-scale use of pesticides. And a […]

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rawfood enzymes

The remarkable health benefits of enzymes

Many of you will have heard of enzymes. But did you know that they are essential for every cell in your body? Or that you can enjoy some remarkable health benefits, simply by increasing your daily consumption of these powerful protein-based substances? In this article, you’ll learn more about enzymes and their associated health benefits, […]

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bee pollen

Bee pollen – Mother Nature’s answer to hay fever?

Spring is in the air and summer’s fast approaching. Unfortunately, for a growing number of Brits, this annual change in season spells months of misery. Indeed, experts in immunology and allergies now estimate that hay fever effects more than one in every four people in the UK – a massive increase from the one in […]

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Bee pollen

Bee pollen benefits – the best from Mother Nature

Top UK celebrity and former member of the Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham, recently named bee pollen as her superfood of choice, whilst world famous footballer, Johan Cruyff, reputedly owed his resounding success on the soccer pitch to a daily serving of what is now widely considered to be one of Mother Nature’s most complete and […]

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raw honey

Raw honey – is it really good for you?

Bee products have been popular almost since time began, and we humans have been enjoying raw honey for more than 8000 years. In fact, raw honey is revered in many cultures as both a spiritual and magical food that boasts unique therapeutic properties. Raw honey is made from the nectar collected by honey bees, who […]

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