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Stevia sweetener

Stevia Sweetener – satisfy your sweet tooth the healthy way!

Us Brits have become more and more immune to the countless headlines warning of the UK’s growing obesity crisis, with many of us mistakenly believing that it doesn’t affect us at all. Yet, whilst for most of us it’s only too evident when we’ve put on excess weight, others tend to develop fat cells in […]

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Lucuma powder

Lucuma powder – proving you really are sweet enough without sugar!

How many times have you said ‘no thanks I’m sweet enough without it’ when offered sugar with your tea or coffee? Many of us have heard of the dangers of too much refined sugar in our diet and are actively trying to limit our intake. But are you right to avoid sugar and how can […]

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Organic lucuma powder

Organic lucuma powder – the healthy alternative to refined sugar and artificial sweeteners

During the last twenty years sugar consumption in the UK has rocketed by more than 30 percent to an incredible 1.25 pounds per person, per week. That’s because it’s not only the usual culprits (such as confectionary, biscuits, puddings and cakes) that contain sugar these days, but also the majority of an increasingly available range […]

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Organic carob powder

Choose carob for 3 fabulous health benefits!

A confirmed nation of chocolate lovers, we consumed some 661million kg of cocoa-based products in 2012 alone. Yet despite this, more and more of us are becoming switched on to the health risks associated with some of our favourite confectionary items. Standard chocolate is laden with refined sugars, fattening dairy products and a ream of […]

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organic carob powder

Carob Powder – the delicious caffeine-free alternative to chocolate

We Brits have enjoyed a love affair with chocolate that’s endured for centuries – in fact we’ve never really looked back since the very first chocolate factory opened in 1657, culminating in a chocolate industry that is worth an estimated 4 billion pounds today. Unfortunately though, not all of us are able to indulge in […]

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