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Cacao butter for skin

Cacao butter for beautiful skin

Famous American actress and singer/songwriter, Katy Perry, recently told Glamour magazine that she literally can’t leave the house without it, and Victoria Secret models, Candice Swanepoel, Leighton Meester and Nicki Minaj, all confess to being die-hard fans of this superfood secret to beautiful skin – cacao butter. So, what exactly is cacao butter and what […]

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raw chocolate

Raw chocolate – a recipe for sweet dreams?

Thanks to a frenetic modern lifestyle in which we’re constantly switched on to social media and unable to switch off from work, it can be incredibly hard to unwind and enjoy a sound night’s sleep. In fact, getting a good night’s sleep has never been so difficult – according to the Great British Sleep Survey, […]

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cacao beans

The truth about chocolate and its health links

Artist and cartoonist, John Q. Tullius once quipped: ‘Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies.” Nowhere is this more evident than in the UK – a nation of chocolate lovers where the average citizen devours a remarkable 10.2 kg of chocolate per year. Yet how many of us can truly […]

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Cacao nibs

Cacao nibs and detox – the delicious treat for an extra clean sweep!

We’ve been assisting our bodies in the elimination of dangerous toxins that can lead to illness and disease for thousands of years. Indeed eliminative herbs with laxative, diuretic and blood purifying properties have long been harnessed by a variety of cultures. The Chinese for example, have been taking herbal prescriptions for detox since 2700 BC. […]

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Raw Chocolate – 5 Reasons To Include It In Your Diet

According to research, chocolate is one of the most popular foods in the Western world and one that women in particular, crave more than any other. In the UK we consume on average just over 11kg of chocolate per person per year, which accounts for almost one third of the entire European market. Fortunately, our […]

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what are cacao beans

What are cacao beans?

As a nation of chocolate lovers (on average each of us happily munch our way through approximately 10.2kg of the stuff per year) we are incredibly familiar with the almost infinite variety of chocolate bars and snacks that fill our shop and supermarket shelves. Yet not quite so many of us are acquainted with chocolate […]

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cacao to chocolate

From cacao to chocolate

According to popular research, chocolate is the most widely and frequently craved food and many of us will freely admit to being addicted to chocolate. And it would appear that we Brits are the confirmed chocoholics of Europe – indeed, a recent survey by retail analyst, Datamonitor, revealed that we devoured some 661million kg of […]

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Raw chocolate

Raw cacao butter and a ravishing recipe for raw chocolate!

Raw cacao butter is completely unprocessed, contains no refined sugars or dairy products and is oozing with beneficial vitamins, minerals, fibre and essential fatty acids. Not only does it boast an intense chocolate aroma and rich, creamy flavour that enhances shakes, smoothies and desserts, it’s also an essential ingredient in home made raw chocolate. And […]

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raw cacao butter

Cacao butter and how it’s made

Raw cacao butter is totally unrefined, contains no sugar or milk and is rich in beneficial vitamins, minerals fibres and essential fatty acids that provide a range of benefits for both our physical and emotional health. Not only is raw cacao butter utterly delicious, it’s also exceptionally nourishing for our skin and can be used […]

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make your own raw chocolate

Sugar cravings – four fabulous solutions for the festive season

Last week you learnt all about sugar cravings – what they are, why we have them and how to keep them firmly under control. Yet with Christmas just around the corner, it could prove even more difficult than usual to resist all of the sweet temptation on offer. That’s why this week we’re introducing four […]

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