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Vitamin C

Should you take extra vitamin C in the winter?

Vitamin C is usually the first vitamin that we turn to when we feel a cold coming on. Regardless of whether it’s from additional oranges or vitamin C supplements, it’s widely accepted that vitamin C is good for our immunity. But is that really true and just how much vitamin C do you need in […]

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super berries

Seven Super Charged Super Berries

Scientists study them, celebrities swoon over them, and the great British public seemingly cannot get enough of them – super berries. But what is it that makes super berries so special and which ones should form an essential component of your five-a-day? (more…)

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Incan berries

Incan Berries – for your ABC of vitamins!

With such a large selection of increasingly exotic fresh fruit and vegetables now available year round in grocery stores and supermarkets, you’d be forgiven for thinking that vitamin deficiencies are a thing of the past. Unfortunately, much of the produce that makes up your five a day has been intensively farmed on depleted soil contaminated […]

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dried mango

Dried mango – the healthier snack between meals

More and more of us are aware of the dangers of too much saturated fat in our diet and are increasingly turning to so-called ‘healthy snacks’ in place of our usual biscuit or chocolate bar. Unfortunately many ‘low fat’ and ‘diet’ snacks contain added sugars that help to improve their palatability and add bulk and […]

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8 Health Benefits of Coconuts

The coconut is not really a nut, but rather a ‘drupe’ (a variety of fruit), which grows on the cocos nucifera – a tropical palm that thrives between the latitudes of 26 degrees north and 26 degrees south in coastal regions of South and Central America, Africa, Asia and the Polynesian and Hawaiian islands. (more…)

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organic baobab powder

Baobab – boost your nutrient intake with one simple serving!

Unlike our distant ancestors, we no longer hunt wild animals or forage for fruit and nuts, but instead depend on our local supermarket for all of our nutritional needs. Unfortunately, the food that these tend to stock largely comes from the bio-industry and is contaminated with pesticides, fertilisers and other harmful toxins. This, coupled with […]

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organic acai powder

The Truth About The Acai Berry

Acai berries have been both a hot topic and the subject of some major health claims of late, having been cleverly marketed as the answer to weight loss, sexual dysfunction and even a longer life! Yet whilst many of the more outrageous claims are of course exaggerated, there are still many potential benefits to be […]

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Organic goji berries

Organic goji berries – 3 great reasons to eat more of them

Organic goji berries are so deliciously sweet and tasty that most of us don’t need an excuse to devour them by the handful! Yet, did you know that there are now three extremely compelling reasons for enjoying even more of this nutritious super fruit than ever before? But first, more about organic goji berries… Organic […]

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Organic cranberries

Cranberries – so much more than just a seasonal sweet treat!

The majority of us only ever get to sample organic cranberries around Christmas time, when they are as much a part of the festive celebrations as Christmas pudding and mulled wine. No one really knows why cranberries became so intrinsically linked with the holiday season, just as there’s no good reason why this delicious nutrient-dense […]

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Moringa powder

The miracle that is moringa

Global life expectancy has steadily increased over the ages, and, thanks to major advancements in science and medicine, dramatically so during the last hundred years. In 1901 the average UK life expectancy was just 45 years for men and 49 years for women. Yet by 2012 this had risen to 79.2 years for men and […]

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