Easy Kale Salad Recipe

If you’re like me and eat a high raw diet but are still finding it a challenge to lose the extra pounds, then perhaps also like me, you need to find some very satisfying meals so that you’re not snacking so much in between them!

This is why I love my Kale and Corn Salad… it’s a really creamy, crunchy, sweet and savoury dish; WHOLLY satisfying. It’s also low in calories – and because I add mesquite to the mix, it curbs my hunger and keeps me sane and grounded until my next high raw meal. The corn keeps my jaws working and moving, and the chewy kale, already massaged by the pink salt and fresh avocado and lemon makes me feel indulged… like I have been served a gourmet dish in a fancy restaurant. The shallots are a delicate warming contrast, and the mushrooms make the salad ‘meaty’ and absorb all those great flavours.

The good news is, for people who are striving to release the pounds, you can have as much of the kale, mushrooms, corn and onion as you like. Half an avocado is just enough for a big plate of Kale and Corn salad though – really work it in with your fingers and this will help you to work up your appetite!


Kale and Corn Salad

2 cups freshly washed and de-stemmed kale

1 cup fresh off the cob corn

1 mushroom, thinly sliced

2 shallots, finely chopped

1/2 avocado

1 tsp sunflower oil (optional)

Juice of 1/2 a lemon

1 pinch pink salt

1 tsp mesquite meal

1 strawberry (for decoration)

Mix all the ingredients together….



Victoria Leith

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