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I love being British. We never get bored because the weather changes its mind “like the weather” so much, that we always have something to talk about. After what seemed like the longest winter ever, I just took my first long spring walk. Vest top, tanning as I went and no wellies needed. I love firsts, as well as being British.

I am passionate about eating local and wild food. I am passionate about growing food. I am passionate. Hence the name of my magazine! Do you know, I once created a whole garden from scratch where almost everything in it was edible, including the lawn. The lawn was made from chamomile and as I trod on it bursts of bubble gum scent would rise to greet me. I had fruit trees: apple, pear and passion (that passion again, it gets everywhere).
Actually, that very same passion fruit climber was the original model for my first Detox Your World logo twelve years ago. How amazing that as we are celebrating the new chapter of Detox Your World that it should come up in qwerty conversation.

When I first had Evie, I had little time to garden, let alone grown my own food. Even breathing was sometimes very low down on my to do lists! But now she’s growing older, I have some spare time and my fingers have taken on a green hue once more.

I’m currently growing about six different types of leafy green seedlings on my deck. I prepared my allotment last year with gorgeous local soil. I’m going to add some more goodies to it, too. Then my seedlings will go in, all protected in a microfibre tunnel. We have an abundance of predators here from tiny slugs and caterpillars to dogs and deer. I need to protect my babies because they will taste yummy to all!

And then onto a slightly larger project. The area around my house is partial woodland and partial neglected garden. I want it to be beautiful, such is my nature. I have conjured up gorgeous mental images of as many edible, yet aesthetic plants as possible in this area.

The front is going to have herbs such as wild garlic, different mints, thymes, lavender, sage, borage, basil, parsley, dill, fennel and on and on. We’re also going to bury rose quartz crystals in the soil so their energy gets transferred to the herbs. It’s all about the love.

Around the side, I see hazel, maybe even a walnut if I can squeeze one in, and a few small fruit trees. Underfoot I see perennials offering flavour for both my eyes and my tongue. I want it all!

I’m excited to work with a couple of permaculture experts on the project, too. We will do it harmoniously, slowly and with love and care. I don’t do things in a hurry anymore.

Oh, and if I can’t squeeze that walnut in? I will have to convince my community guys to allow me to plant it elsewhere on our 23 acres. And of course they’ll say yes. Who wouldn’t want fresh walnuts every autumn for the rest of their lives?

Bliss U.


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