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How often do you think about how kind you are to yourself? Are you as kind to yourself as you are to other people? Perhaps you act differently toward yourself in public, than you do when you’re alone — is the self-talk you have around others the same as your internal self-talk? How much grace do you extend to yourself when you are alone, in your own mind?


Self-talk is an important part of our daily diet — whether it’s uplifting, or cutting you down, self-talk can make or break the success of your day. Simply bringing more awareness to our self-talk, without any judgement, we may begin to see a pattern and perhaps our thinking could be tidied up a bit. Perhaps we’re not downright mean to ourselves but maybe we are a little on the bitter side? Let’s sweeten it up.

The other day Iwas remembering the children’s story, The Little Engine That Could. I don’t remember many details about the story, but the basic message is simply that having an attitude of “I think I can, I think I can” is what really worked! I have been using this example lately, to help bring my awareness to my inner attitude, my own thoughts about what’s going on in my life.

My best, and most personal example of this idea is giving birth to my twins at home. There was a time in the birthing process where I felt so very exhausted and defeated, and I remember quietly uttering, “this is SO HARD!” Just seconds after saying it, I realised what I had said and knew it would not help me. So, I calmly decided to say the exact opposite (even though I wasn’t feeling it quite yet) — the words I chose were “this is SO EASY!” and just as I said this, my body opened up more and I felt great relief from then on.

How fascinating that our internal speech can so greatly affect our outer world, and our experiences!

In the spirit of happiness, here’s an amazingly funny, smart, and insightful TED video about training your brain to be happier, featuring author Shawn Achor. I hope you can take twelve minutes to watch.

Rebecca Leaverton

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