Make everyday an unbirthday

The Mad Hatter was right – there are 364 unbirthdays in every non-leap year. That’s 364 unbirthdays to celebrate and make special. And there’s every reason to make a tea party (or dinner at least) the most exciting, delicious and nutritious part of your child’s day.

how do we keep our little people ecstatic about cold winter days? Well, it’s simple; good food and fun. Their bodies are busy growing bones and expanding minds every hour so it’s essential they’re getting their essentials. The easiest way to do this is to fill them with food they were made to eat – natural and vibrant – just how we like our children! Raw food is the simplest way to sow seeds of love in your child, enabling them to sprout and grow into strong and earthly individuals. And it need not be as daunting as the first step down the rabbit-hole – the truth is there are plenty of scrummy and even downright devious ways to raw health.

The first thing to remember is that raw food is fun. You can do what you were always told not to – play with your food – make a mess, find new ways to do things that may otherwise have become second nature, like baking a cake. With raw food we MAKE not BAKE – but I promise it’s just as yummy to lick the bowl! So reawaken the child within – it’s the surest way to make it interesting for your children. Get them involved: get their hands dirty by letting them squidge avocado through their fingers, mixing up their own dips and mousses – they can help melt raw cacao over warm water, help stir in coconut oil and mould chocolates like their name’s Charlie and they’ve inherited a Factory! Not only are they having fun and learning about foods they’re also exploring their bodies and bonding with you.

For breakfast raw granola can be bought or made from raw seeds and buckwheat, fruit and nuts. Blended fruit smoothies or puddings taste so good
in the morning they actually seem indulgent. Likewise, for treats and desserts frozen bananas make a beautiful ice-cream, especially when blended with superfoods like lucuma and cacao and naturally low glycemic sweeteners like Agave Syrup
. While we’re on the subject of sweet super treats I have two words – Incan Berries. They are (in my personal opinion) straight from nature’s sweetshop – sweet and tart and juicy all at once.

Soups are a winter staple and there are ways to make raw, brightly nutritious soups which are warmed instead of boiled to death. By mixing hemp seeds into blended soups made from avocado, sweet potato, cucumber, celery, garlic and peppers you’ve made a filling meal which feels good for the soul and is also a fantastic source of protein for growing bodies.

Vegetable sticks are excellent for packing up in lunch boxes, together with a little pot of homemade houmous, made using sprouted Chickpeas and raw Tahini. Raw cereal bars can also be bought or handmade – perhaps using dates and ground almonds together with superfoods like Mesquite.

It may already be a new year but, unlike the White Rabbit, it’s never too late! This isn’t about making a New Years Resolution – it’s a Food Revolution. Empower your children with food knowledge early; let them explore its delicious abundance. It’s the best unbirthday gift they will ever receive.


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