“OPINION” 3D? Whats’s that

I can still see the outside world kind of functioning, but not too well. The fall and fall of the 3D world seems to be irreversible. And what’s arising, beautifully, in its place?



Thank the goddess!

I don’t know about you, but the more I love and trust, the more I feel happy, open, and held. And then the Universe can deliver its real goodies! Oh yes. Not the ones we had expectations about. Not the ones that fit in with our little controlling safe minds, but the ones that blow our world apart and expand our minds so much that they can’t ever go back to where they were again.

I realise I am sounding more like a hippy every day. Damn them. They were right all along! But I am not on the tie-dye yet. Phew. That would ruin my Jacuzzi.

This year so far has been one of adventure and risk for me. I started a tantra course. It was four days of interesting and exciting stuff. When doing some of the sessions, I realised how “out there” I am compared to other people. Only one other was as free in her expression. I called her Agent Love.

I was scared of being naked in front of strangers (and yes, some Detox Your World customers. Ahem. Hello.) because my normally well toned body has been lying down so much over the past I don’t know how long now, that it’s got a bit flabby. Made me realise how vain I was! I had nothing to fear. Everyone looked so gorgeous and beautiful, no matter what size or shape they were. It’s all in how you feel in yourself. So even though I felt out of shape, I really was just projecting on myself because the tumour on my leg had got me so down. But it’s OK, there’s always further down you can go if you’re not ready to come up for air yet.

After the tantra course, I fell in love with people in a different way. I am more relaxed around them. I have less expectations. I’m not as impatient. Mostly. I’m letting it all be. Nice work, tantra teachers! I’ve got two more courses to do, and I look forward to watching some more of my neuroses disappear.

So to the leg. THE LEG. It’s been very nice lying down, but I wanted to get up again. And I tried, and tried, and tried. But it wasn’t happening. And my memory was falling apart. And I kept having really long baths because oooh, there were a few aches and pains, especially in my feet. “This tumour had taken it out of me”, I thought. I am never that slow to heal.

My friend Debbie met up with me in Brighton. She’s a naturapath, and has a whizzy machine that figures things out. It’s an FDA medical device, but only in America. Here, it’s woo woo, according to some who are still in Ye Olde 3D Worlde. She brought the said machine over and did a full reading on me. Listed deficiencies, allergies, viruses — everything. And guess what came up… Lyme disease! Oh great. First I had a tumour and now lyme. The two things I was always the most scared off, because you can do “alternative” medicine for a cold and stuff but would you really trust it for cancer and Lyme? At what point do you go to your doctor?

Well, that’s got to be up to the individual. I wouldn’t blame anyone for getting antibiotics for Lyme. It can kill and cripple. But Hey, I’m me and I’m not in Ye Olde 3D Worlde, so that’s not what I could do. I’m not even registered with a doctor anymore.

So Debbie made me a remedy on her whizzy machine and I’m taking that. As soon as I started taking it, the small aches I had got worse. Those little things are coming out of my joints. Ow. I had more energy than I remember a few days later. And Now, about a week later, I’m feeling almost normal. I’d forgotten what normal was and thought I was struggling to walk because of the tumour. Talk about grateful to my mates. Surrounded by love, I am. I hope you are too.

Anyway, Elwin’s making me up a herbal blend, and Debs has made me up a protocol of what to change, a cleanse to do and some other stuff. When I was going through my tumour experience, I was upset because there was no “natural doctor” to go to for help. I forgot to remember to ask…

Lessons learned in Shazziebrain: we have everything we need around us. We are loved. We are one (hippy talk). There is a cure for everything without having to go back to Ye Olde 3D Worlde.

So if you’re new to the New World Reorder, welcome. Let me wash your feet and then you can put them up next to mine and have a cup of something herby that Elwin’s prepared.



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