“OPINION” A letter to your body

A while back you may have read the rather moving article ‘A letter to my body’ in the Daily Mail. In the article, four female journalists were asked to write a letter to their own body. It was quite poignant and rather sad. One woman felt she had never been pretty enough, tall enough or as shapely as she would have wished. One felt she had been let down by not having enough willpower and being tempted by cream cakes which had led to bulges and excess weight. Only one thanked her body for allowing her to give birth to her children and breastfeed them.

It made me wonder what kind of letter I’d write. Right now, I’ve got a few aches and pains so the first thing I’d do is ask my body to tell me what it really needs, I’m guessing the answer will be — move me please! It’s interesting that when you really get back in touch with your body, it will usually communicate to you exactly what it does need. As Debbie Rosas, the creator of an amazing holistic form of dance called Nia, points out — most of us know more about our cars than we do our bodies and we pay more attention to them too. Our cars always have regular services and the right fuel.

Nia is known as ‘holistic dance’ because it allows you to experience pleasure and move in your body’s own way. Having found this incredible form of movement, I decided to train to be a ‘white belt’ Nia teacher. Now I really enjoy exercise and I’m much more aware of what my body needs, whether that is movement, rest or a good detox. If you haven’t tried Nia, do seek out a class in your local area or find out about training to become a Nia teacher.

Meanwhile try your own ‘Letter to your body’ you may be surprised as to what flows !

Janey Lee Grace

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