“OPINION” Expanding beyond struggle

Nature doesn’t seem to struggle. The river flows effortlessly, the seeds find their way from the darkness. Animals seem to know what and when to eat, babies know when to be born and children know how to play.

So why do we as more mature human beings create such struggle in our lives? In my work with people and in the observation of my own life, I perceive that human beings seem determined to fight reality and create struggle by striving for something that has not manifested, might never manifest or has even been and gone! We seem to be addicted to our habitual tendency to struggle against what is going on in our lives.

The essence of our transformation is ‘being in the now’ where there is no past, no future and no anticipatory tension. When we feel the tightness is our bellies, the fear in our hearts, the anticipation in our minds, we could just stop, breathe, listen and feel. We could stop the struggle for our feeling to be any different than it is and just watch the energy of the feeling tremble into expression, hold its posture and then release its hold. It’s amazing how the peak of a feeling dissipates as we watch it.

When we feel the joy bubbling from within, the smile dancing on our face, the bliss of the sunrise, we could just stop, breathe, listen and feel. We could stop the struggle of the mind to hold onto the pleasure experience, just as we can stop the mind from holding onto the perceived negative experience. It’s our struggle to ‘hold on’ that triggers the energy imbalance within the body and our subsequent separation from the source of healing and harmonising.

Take some time today to honour the many places where struggle shows up in your life and where you feel resistance. Struggle has a powerful tenacity, it personifies through an overly intrusive expression of mind and seems to take hold of us — so much so that we don’t consciously choose to struggle. It has just started to feel like a natural way of being.

Struggling with our reality is the cause of our pain, our dis-ease, our resistance and our fears.

It’s amusing that often we struggle to get away from the struggle! We judge ourselves for struggling and then struggle with the judgement. We can justify being in therapy all our lives all because we are fighting the reality of what was, is or might be. Rather than living life alive, we live life as though it is the enemy out to threaten us.

Does the tree decide to have a battle with autumn as she changes its leaf colours? Or does the tree do battle with the wind snatching its leaves or with winter as she calls for bleak surrender? What does the tree do? She stands, she sits, she doesn’t struggle, she is in the now and by being in the now she sits with God.

Meditation is not a vacation from irritation

Meditation is not avoiding life, it’s not about not feeling or being free from the tyranny of the mind. Meditation is a process of being humbled, meditation opens the door to intimacy with life and that intimacy of communion allows our dramas to collapse.

Struggle often spills over into our food choices too. How often have you felt the struggle to eat to conform to the latest book, the latest ‘ism’ in food choices or the most popular conceptual truth?

Let’s invest in creating an intention to stop struggling. Animals in their natural habitat seem to know what to eat, they read the book of their own bodies! They eat natural, unprocessed, vibrantly alive food. They manage to do this without struggling, without creating a neurosis about it. It’s time to be still, to listen within, to remember what we already know in our hearts.

It is wonderful that we can reach out and source support and inspiration, we are blessed with wonderful resources of information. However, a blessing ideally evokes strength, empowerment and remembering our intrinsic awareness — Deepak Chopra talks of ‘contracted awareness’ and ‘expanded awareness’. It’s time now to step into the light of expanded awareness — for us all to harmonise in wisdom and beauty.

I encourage all those I work with to stand in their power of remembering and attuning back with source energy, however they perceive that manifests.
Sit, breathe, witness and enjoy.

Ruth Allen


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