“OPINION” My journey into raw food (Part three – The perfect diet?)

Going back to the Amazonian tribe I stayed with whose diet was heavy in cooked meat, I noticed they all seemed to be drinking fermented beverages. With the obvious conclusion that meat takes a while to digest, it seemed those people surveyed who ate red meat had done so because of either B12 deficiency or lack of hormone production. Could it be that the meat itself contains enough B12 to raise the levels in the blood or is it that meat takes so long to digest and is loaded with so much bacteria that the friendly bacteria in the stomach actually rots the meat creating B12? Regardless of the reason, according to Jubb if enough bacteria are present in the stomach then we are able to make our own B12. What would happen then if we did a colon cleanse for two weeks and a liver cleanse all while fasting, then fortified our system with bacteria via fermented foods then fed those bacteria? We all know if the liver is clean, it is much more able to convert beta-carotene into vitamin A and the same goes with vitamin D. What would happen if we did not eat in the morning and only drank a fermented beverage? Many experts suggest we can make enough of our own cholesterol; I make no claims of this but having analysed the body and viewed the data from my clients, I am open to be convinced otherwise. When we include the right type of fats into our diet like the omegas, we are more able to increase our hormone production and bring the production up to a greater efficacy and restore a balance. The best omegas sourced from fish, krill and grass-fed dairy are superior in concentration than any plant-based source. However, more information about a type of marine red algae is about to rise to the -surface, with its incredible source of DHA, DPA and EPA. We can also source those long-chain fatty acids from plankton adding them both strategically into our diets on a daily basis.

By design, are we meat eaters? Going by the research and physical analysis, probably not. Humans have adapted very well over time. Could it be that the question is really whether meat is good or bad for us? For some people it saves lives. My friend Tony Wright suggests that meat and all flesh of animals contains hormones, the hormones in question are androgens. Tony further suggests that androgen hormones like testosterone may have halted our brain growth the moment we came down from the trees, into vast open-spaced landscapes and started to hunt for our food. He also suggests that fruit was the reason that allowed our brain to increase in size and stopped growing in size when we moved away from our natural diet. Research in the field of brain development also shows that our brain has shrunk from the brain size of our older ancestors. So do we live better and longer with some meat in our diets? The truth is humans will eat anything and can extract nutrients from almost anything.

In order for us to have a more documented understanding of the subject, more research in the field of biology and nutrition may conclude an idea. I do know that we have profound evidence of the ability to thrive by eating animal flesh alongside the ability to reproduce. To find evidence of this, look at our population. We can produce healthy offspring eating meat. Some people thrive on meat and dairy and some do not, some are allergic to dairy and some are not, some cannot handle meat and some can. However, there is no documented evidence that suggests that we can live a long time or produce healthy offspring on a vegan diet. Could it be that we are evolving? Maybe veganism is the new conscious awakening of our spirit and just maybe if we all become vegan, we might be able to prove to future civilisations that veganism can be done long term.

Indian culture shows us that we can produce healthy offspring on a vegetarian diet. Looking into the documentation and with the application of my own personal opinion, I find there is no perfect diet for anyone. One of my reasons for writing this article was to try to help the majority of people understand why a tribe in the Amazon can all eat the same diet and not need metabolic typing, while a raw food family may have different nutritional needs. Is it the raw food? Is it also that they eat clay? Is it that we can never really eat live plants because we cannot digest them like we can fermented yucca or sauerkraut? On the other hand, do we need the cellulose that we call fibre? Alternatively, is it that we eat too much bulk in the mornings, which may inhibit digestion and create bloating and acidity pulling out alkaline minerals from the body causing deficiency? Or could it be the obvious reason that they are all very similar genetically? I know I have felt better since adding deer antler to my diet and many Chinese medicinal herbs.

When I’m out wild food hunting and the smallest insect lands on my berries, the little creature may get squashed between my fingers. However I won’t throw it away as I know the benefits of having some insects included into my diet. I eat honey and I know some people cannot as it causes their immune system to collapse. I know what my nutritional needs are; it seems in the raw food movement we judge tremendously. What people are eating should not be the focus of our judgement if any; we, as the raw food community, need to get past this dogma and help each other understand each other’s needs a little better. If someone you love eats meat and it makes them happy and is providing health in abundance, be happy for them and be happy with them. Everything is living, plant, animal and water. Everything is living on this earth with a purpose. Find yours and be spiritually free.

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Graham Jevon

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