“OPINION” One sunrise can bring us home

As the sun rises I am reminded that we are never separate from source — no matter what our life choices, the portal is always ajar for us to open and step through. The sacredness of nature, the unconditionality of the sun’s dharma and the ever present gift of the life force of our breath. Attuning into God is really about remembering and aspiring to live in harmony with the cosmic intelligence that is God.

When I lose resonance frequency and choose weakening thoughts, I separate off from source. Our thoughts emit an energy pattern and if I choose high resonance thoughts then I pulse closer to Source. All our choices either weaken or strengthen us. I feel this maxim is the ultimate power of intention we can aspire towards — being conscious of our choices as to whether they weaken or strengthen us, which translates for me as to whether they bring me closer to light or deeper into misperceptions.

No matter what our choices, the power of connection to source can never be lost. We can reject and deny the presence of spirit in our lives, we can live in the illusion that we are hidden in our times of darkness but we are always an expression of the infinite creative force. We always have a part of God within us purely in that we are alive!

We take in spirit with the breath. So we can never shut down our connection to divine and when we come together as sisters and brothers there is no higher purpose than to remind ourselves, to ongoingly inspire, uplift and love ourselves into the higher frequency communion of conscious living. No matter what our choices are — how we manipulate each other and play the weakening world games, we are never separate and in remembering we come home to source and strength.

Sometimes it might feel hard for us to feel this ‘love energy’ but it is always present. The sun is always there, whether behind clouds, closed curtains or dirty windows – it’s always there keeping our planet nourished. The sun is a visible manifestation of the divine. Ever present and unconditionally sustaining life. It’s not difficult to reconnect with God — one sunrise can bring us home.

The valley surreal in her beauty
Pre-dawn mists and frosty fields
The ground hard and cold beneath me
The sky touched by the first seductive light
Slowly I felt the anticipatory glee of nature
Like a lover preparing her glade
Feeling into the holy silence
The sky held the space
Nature trembled in her waiting
I merged into the sacred moment
Into the silence
Healing colours burst forth
The cusp of a vivid crimson orb
And then the piercing of the dawn sky
Brother son
Thrusting into the love space
Bringing earth into orgasmic beauty
And a rising and shifting of energies
As a new day dawned.
Tears of pure joy streamed down my cold face
Warming and meeting my dawn bliss smile
I am so blessed
I love my gift of life.


Ruth Allen

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