“OPINION” You can’t get it wrong

I’ve been thinking a lot about life recently. It’s a weird concept when you think about it. I mean, why are we here and what’s the point to it all? I look at people going about their day, driving their cars, doing their food shopping, all oblivious to the fact that we are scurrying around on this planet with seemingly no idea of why we are doing it. The more years I spend on this planet, the more I realise that no-one really has a clue what they are doing — we are all just making it up as we go along. No-one really has the ultimate guide book as to how to do it ‘right’ because there is no right way to do it. How you live your life is up to you and the choices you make. What works for you doesn’t necessarily work for another.

I think this is so important to remember because I really feel that so many people are walking around thinking that their life sucks because they don’t have X, Y or Z or that their life doesn’t look like the next persons. Who is to say that your life isn’t the way it should be? The truth is there are no ‘shoulds’. There is only ‘what is’ and it is your thoughts about your life and how you think it should be that are causing you to feel like your life isn’t up to scratch. Sure, it’s okay to want to improve areas of your life and make changes to do so but it’s also key to be happy with your current reality right now. The more resistance you have to what is happening, the more uncomfortable your experience of life.

So let me share with you some fundamental principles I like to remind myself of:

— You can’t get it wrong

— The path you take is the only path you could ever take

— You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it

— No matter how bad things seem, it’s all going to work out okay

— You are perfect exactly as you are

Be innocent with what is happening right now, with the people around you and look at life with fresh inquisitive eyes. I guarantee it will change your experience in an instant. Take a deep breath and be grateful that you get to live one more day on this planet. Make the most of everything you have for you never know when that privilege will be taken away.


Polly Noble


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