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Amazing anti aging benefits of goji berries

Goji Berries – The Amazing Anti-Aging Superfood

We all inwardly yearn to live forever and benefit from youthful, good looks that defy the ravages of time. Whilst we are yet to discover the secret of eternal youth, there are a number of practical ways to increase our longevity and postpone some of the unwelcome signs of aging. Avoiding stress, taking regular exercise […]

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4 reasons to make the most of water

Weirdness of water An aspect of my health that I find most challenging is water consumption. At the moment, I live in a city so it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll find a local spring to supply me with fresh, unadulterated water from deep within the earth’s surface. I’ve known for a long time that plastic-bottled […]

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5 ways to help curb your anger

One area of health that’s always fascinated me is the connection between the health of the organs and our emotions. In fact it’s become one of my favourite ‘diagnostic’ tools, to read the emotions that someone habitually experiences, in their facial expressions, postures, language, vocal tone and the things they say. From there I can […]

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Opinion on true beauty

For many years, I thought I knew what beauty was; I thought about it constantly. Growing up, I was bullied about my appearance and was the butt of many jokes, from both boys and girls, almost on a daily basis. I was very, very thin to the point of looking like I had an eating […]

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dawn artcile

5 steps to a vaccination decision

Part one We spend nine months incubating our amazing little piece of us — our hope and our future. We eat raw organic foods, we plan the most amazing perfect birth, we hold our babe and we feed it with the nourishment of our own perfect formula designed just for our baby. Then before we […]

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“OPINION” My journey into raw food (Part three – The perfect diet?)

Going back to the Amazonian tribe I stayed with whose diet was heavy in cooked meat, I noticed they all seemed to be drinking fermented beverages. With the obvious conclusion that meat takes a while to digest, it seemed those people surveyed who ate red meat had done so because of either B12 deficiency or […]

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“OPINION” My journey into raw food (Part two – Back in the UK)

When I arrived back home in the United Kingdom, the pieces of the puzzle started to fit into place. I started asking myself questions such as “how is it that a tribe of people can eat the same foods, have the exact same diet and yet the raw food community that I am part of […]

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“OPINION” My journey into raw food (Part one – An Amazonian adventure)

The world of diet is an enormous world to explore and to say one diet works for all is the equivalent of saying there is only one planet in the solar system. After five years of being a raw foodist, I have had the opportunity to explore a broad spectrum of people and their diets. […]

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Benefits of omega 3 whilst breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the most amazing gift you can give to yourself and your baby; it feels so lovely to have your little one connected to you and to be providing them with the first building blocks of life. But it can also be very tiring (I know from experience) and it’s not just baby we […]

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organic chia seeds

Chia Seeds – Managing Diabetes the Natural Way

It’s an unfortunate fact that diabetes is on the increase in Great Britain – according to Diabetes UK there are some 2.9 million people currently diagnosed with the disease and an estimated 850,000 unaware that they have the condition. And even more worryingly, there has been a threefold increase in the number of childhood diabetes […]

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