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5 steps to a healthier wellbeing

In fact, what does it take to really help yourself? In order to make improvements in your health, you’re going to have to change what you do. There’s really no getting around it. You’ll have to bring some habits to an end, and start some new ones. And, as much as we might all wish […]

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Raw chocolate bar recipe — easiest ever!

This recipe is very adaptable. For example, if you add more coconut oil, you’ll create a fantastic cacao sauce to pour over ice cream. If you add more cacao powder. Simple! Ingredients 1 cup of cacao powder 1 cup of coconut oil Coconut sugar or agave nectar to taste –Combine all the ingredients to make […]

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Reishi mushrooms — could they make the world a better place?

It’s an important question and one that all of us should have an answer to. Everyone has their own unique perspective, skills and talents that can contribute to making this a paradise on Earth. So what holds us back from getting clarity about how we can improve the world, and from going ahead and actually […]

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5 ways to boost your immunity for winter health and wellbeing

Forget flu vaccines — go natural! It really pays to take the natural approach to common ailments and then hopefully you won’t have to darken the door of the pharmacy (other than to buy sticking plasters). The other benefit is that you’ll find much of what you need in your kitchen cupboard. For starters, build […]

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Light up your life

A reason often given for eating uncooked vegetables and fruit is that raw food contains more ‘life force’ than food that has been fried, baked or boiled. Absorbing life force from food is believed by raw food fans to have a beneficial effect on our vitality and health. For people who are familiar with concepts […]

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E3 live – One product that will improve your wellbeing

  I have lost count of the number of emails, Facebook comments and tweets asking me “How do I get started?” when it comes to becoming your own healthy heroine. Due to a downright devastating diagnosis, I was forced to ditch the junk and re-evaluate my whole life, which included moving out of my house, […]

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4 moon phases that can shape your life

  Have you ever stopped and wondered about the power of the moon? Most people are in awe of its beauty when it’s at its fullest, shining beautifully and mysteriously in the night sky, but have you ever thought about the effect the moon has on us? Thought to be the same age as the […]

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6 tips to a passionate life

When I asked my friend to suggest a topic to write about for the next article, she suggested writing about living a more passionate life. She had no idea what the article was for. So, I decided it was meant to be. The more I thought about it, the more I realised that we don’t […]

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Cacao butter — Cashew nut cake recipe

The reason I love these cakes, these Little Stars of Wonder, is that they are SO pretty! Look at the colours and not an e number or artificial additive in sight! I do still feel that even these lovely cakes brimming with health and vitality should still be eaten in moderation – but as I […]

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flu fighters

Goji berries help with the fight against flu

It’s usually around this time of year that the cold and flu symptoms begin to kick in and you are surrounded by people in the shopping queue blowing their nose or sneezing down your neck. If you have been to your doctor’s surgery lately, you may have been offered the flu jab. Before you decide […]

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