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1 easy way to stress relief with yoga

Such a beautiful day to ponder and share – Aloha! Many of our ancestors and those in present incarnation have blessed us with their wisdom and we are graced to have access to so much of this ancient and sacred science of life. The ancient science of Yoga has been seduced by the western world […]

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Cacao Beans – The Natural Remedy For High Blood Pressure

Regrettably, many of us will suffer from high blood pressure at some point in our lives. High blood pressure or ‘hypertension’ is a potentially dangerous condition that can lead to a number of serious illnesses and diseases. Lifestyle and diet both play an important role in preventing its development – consuming magnesium on a regular […]

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Weight Loss & Raw Cacao – Your Secret Weapon

We all know that a ‘little of what you fancy does you good’, yet in the UK we sometimes take this sentiment a bit too far. Our national weakness for all things sweet can make weight loss extremely difficult, particularly when we’re confronted with sweet temptations at almost every turn. In this article you’ll learn […]

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