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Have all the great songs already been composed? Have all the most beautiful pictures already been painted? Have all the tastiest recipes already been made? Or are there thousands upon thousands of ideas out there, just waiting for us to tap into?

And if this is the case, where oh where do these ideas come from? And how do we tap into this creativity that enables us to dream up new products, innovative ideas, mind-blowing inventions, awesome websites and new pieces of art to wonder and marvel at, or beautiful songs to be transported to another dimension to?

Tom Morey, inventor of the Boogie Board chose not to patent his creations — the latest being the MoreyRollo (only trademarked), believing instead that others should be free to evolve and improve upon them.

. I feel that in a world where many people seem to cling onto recipes, songs, styles and even words and phrases, what better way to move into an age of enlightenment where we are free from the trappings of that age-old sentence, ‘It was MY idea’!

Before he created the Boogie Board, all those years ago in the 70’s, Morey repeatedly came upon, then read with sincerity, a prayer from the Baha’i writings: ‘O God, confer upon me a thought which may change this world into a rose-garden.’ He then had the idea for the Boogie Board and acted upon it; what a wonder!

What a wonder! And how exciting that there is potentially no limit to all these ideas that are just waiting (as Morey suggests), to ‘be worked forth by us…and this in proportion to our given capabilities, openness to change, desire to manifest this or that in order to match some goal or another, and then to be directed by our focus and effort.’

Now I want to ask if you would like to compose a song, or write a poem, or paint a picture? Or perhaps come up with an idea for a new website, or a fashion range, or a chocolate bar? There are infinite possibilities and the well of inspiration appears to be endless!

Sometimes, inspiration may come at the most unlikely times (four in the morning, in a dream, after saying a prayer or meditating). Morey suggests that there are ‘necessary approaches’ in his case for an idea to be borne…

1. You have to WANT the thing to come into being

2. Name the thing

3. Attempt to draw it

4. Determine a price it just might sell for

5. Start to try and build it

Why don’t you try at some point over the next three days to sit in a room alone, quiet and still, and connect with the universe in anyway you wish to. Some of my finest songs and business ideas have come into being immediately after prayer, or these thoughts have transpired over the following days. This process that I often turn to for creativity constantly proves to be an amazing connective tool that also allows me to feel less ownership, which then in turn attracts higher, more beautiful qualities within myself. Feeling too protective and jealous over an idea can make one feel bitter and anxious, and change the way one interacts with humanity. Praying or connecting with Source beforehand takes that element away from me to a certain extent.

So try this — see what comes to you, and even if it seems absurd, give it some ‘growing time’. An idea may suddenly come to you — something that you have never thought of before or had forgotten about; this is the seed. Water it with further ideas — brainstorm with pen and paper, family and friends.

Or simply paint, write, plan….

If we consider that any one of us at any one time may have an inspired idea, perhaps this would also takes away the notion that only some of us are ‘gifted and talented’. We are ALL full of beautiful gems and talents, and we all have awesome potential. The challenge for most people is that they think all the good ideas have gone, but I know this to not be the case at all. And how do I know this? Because I am surrounded by people who come up with brilliant, life-changing, awe-inspiring, simple, beautiful ideas every single day! And I too, have awesome ideas!

Once you have a thought that you deem to be brilliant in some way, don’t be afraid to share it. My sister-in-law had a wonderful idea a few months ago for creating an IPhone/IPod Touch app for children. Instead of keeping it to herself, she immediately asked me and our other sister-in-law if we would also pitch in with our talents too.

And now, after much hard work, prayer and consultation, we are nearly at the point to share this venture with the world, which we in turn will hope inspire other people to think and allow thoughts to come to them too!

Here, also are some of my favourite new innovations from a handful of people I love dearly. They are from all different backgrounds, cultures, professions, with different challenges and self-limiting beliefs — but they all had the spark of an idea and these ideas have come to fruition only because they acted upon the first whisperings they heard within them some time ago.

Do share any new ideas you have once they have come to fruition! The world is an amazing place and is full of light!

Kat Lendacka is from Czech and has one little girl and another on the way. She lectures at University, and has set up her own business KokoArt. Here is her latest invention which is straight from her heart!

Minnie, mother to one little girl, graduated in July with a degree in Fine Art and has since had a wonderful spark of an idea for something called Project DogWalk. Do find out more!

May Cortazzi is a fashionista of the incredible kind! She has developed her own ethical clothing range for men and women and actually gets out there and goes to the countries where she sources her materials. This is her latest venture — surely it has been divinely inspired!

Jay used to be homeless himself and decided to use his creative skills and knowledge of living on the streets and put them together to make Hoody Handout. He not only gives out warm hoodies with his fresh designs on, he also connects with each person he meets, giving them his time, his spirit and a bag of healthy food!

Sometimes I feel that Richard has a direct channel to a chorus of heavenly angels as his music is so beautiful and profound. He runs a community choir every week and every now and then has another incredible idea for a composition. This time, it’s called Seed and you can find out about it here.

Tom Morey — the man behind the inspiration for this article! He has done great things and will continue to; I like to click on his homepage just to see his really lovely smile!

Look at all these ideas and inventions; marvel at them! Spread them as far as they can reach across the globe. Be inspired by them! And start your own creative idea process as soon as you wish to!

In the meantime, another invention…based on a Bolivian thick drink called Api Morado; this is my take on it! Using the delectable purple corn flour, mixed with the two essential ingredients; pineapple and cinnamon — this is a very comforting, filling yet refreshing superfood dish! And had someone not had the idea many moons ago to create this, I wouldn’t be sharing it with you today! Happy eating x

Victoria Leith

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