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Organic chia seeds

Can organic chia seeds really help you to lose weight?

According to the British Nutrition Foundation, we tend to increase our calorie intake by around 500 calories per day over and above the recommended amount at Christmas, resulting in an average weight gain of approximately five pounds. However, with only 2% of dieters able to maintain their weight-loss using conventional diet plans, perhaps it’s time […]

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Chia seeds for stronger teeth and bones

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body – it is required to build strong bones and teeth, regulate muscle contractions (including heartbeat) and to enable our blood to clot. In addition, calcium is believed to help lower blood pressure and prevent both colon and breast cancer. A lack of calcium can lead […]

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chia seeds

Chia seeds – 3 simple recipes for beginners

According to an article by the BBC, the Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes is poised to allow chia seeds in a wide variety of products including baked goods, breakfast cereals and nut and seed mixes. (more…)

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