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super berries

Seven Super Charged Super Berries

Scientists study them, celebrities swoon over them, and the great British public seemingly cannot get enough of them – super berries. But what is it that makes super berries so special and which ones should form an essential component of your five-a-day? (more…)

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Incan berries

Incan Berries – for your ABC of vitamins!

With such a large selection of increasingly exotic fresh fruit and vegetables now available year round in grocery stores and supermarkets, you’d be forgiven for thinking that vitamin deficiencies are a thing of the past. Unfortunately, much of the produce that makes up your five a day has been intensively farmed on depleted soil contaminated […]

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Incan berries

Incan berries – the stress relieving superfood from the Amazon

In an increasingly complex and demanding world, more and more of us are succumbing to the effects of stress. Work, money and relationships are all potential triggers for this debilitating condition that can result in insomnia, difficulty concentrating, loss of appetite, palpitations, sweating and a dry mouth as well as recurrent headaches and other aches […]

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incan berries

Incan Berries – Pure Gold From South America

If you suffer from an exceptionally sweet tooth, yet want to watch your weight and prevent the kind of harmful health affects commonly associated with the refined sugars contained in our standard snacks and treats, you’ll need to find a healthy alternative. Incan berries, the incredibly sweet and unbelievably healthy ‘Golden berries’ from the Amazon, […]

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