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moringa powder

Moringa – more vitamins and minerals for your money!

The moringa (Moringa oleifera), a tree native to sub-tropical and tropical regions of Africa and Asia, is often hailed as the ‘miracle tree’ – partly because the tree is so easy to cultivate (and grows extremely quickly), and partly because of the myriad health benefits that have come to be associated with the powder made […]

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Moringa powder

The miracle that is moringa

Global life expectancy has steadily increased over the ages, and, thanks to major advancements in science and medicine, dramatically so during the last hundred years. In 1901 the average UK life expectancy was just 45 years for men and 49 years for women. Yet by 2012 this had risen to 79.2 years for men and […]

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Moringa powder

Moringa powder – three compelling reasons to enjoy more moringa!

Moringa powder is a powerful natural superfood extract made from the leaves of the Moringa tree (Moringa oleifera), a flowering tree, which is grown in sub-tropical and tropical regions of Africa, Asia and South America. The tree, often called the ‘tree of life’, is now regularly cultivated in developing countries as a primary source of […]

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