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Nuts – eat more, live longer!

Nuts are exceptionally delicious, filling and nutritious, and their countless beneficial properties make them an utterly indispensible addition to a healthy, balanced diet. But did you know that this nutrient-dense superfood might actually save your life? Indeed, according to a comprehensive Dutch study, just half a handful of nuts a day could substantially lower your […]

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Organic almonds and organic cashew nuts

Nuts – are they really more effective at promoting healthy bones than milk?

Bones perform several important functions within our bodies – they provide structure, protect our organs, anchor muscles and store calcium. Good bone health is not only crucial during childhood and adolescence, when bones are developing; it’s also essential in adulthood. In fact our bones gradually start to lose their density from our forties onwards and, […]

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Amazing almonds and three astounding health benefits!

According to archaeological finds, the almond tree was cultivated as long ago as 3000 BC and, thanks to its early flowering, has remained an enduring symbol of watchfulness and promise that was mentioned in the bible several times. Yet did you know that the organic almond is also a mineral rich superfood that can offer a […]

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