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superfoods for healthy skin

5 superfoods for healthy skin

You needn’t shell out a small fortune on fancy face creams in order to benefit from beautiful, healthy looking skin. Indeed, smooth, flawless, wrinkle free skin can be achieved simply by following a few sensible tips and by pampering your body with the right nutrients. (more…)

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superfoods for healthy hair

Superfoods for beautiful hair

There’s a seemingly endless range of hair care products available on the high street these days – from expensive shampoos and conditioners to fancy thickening hair serums and mousses…all promising to deliver those beautiful, glossy locks that you’ve been dreaming of. The problem is that they never seem to live up to the optimistic marketing […]

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hunger pangs

Wholesome superfoods that keep hunger pangs firmly at bay

Did you know that a whopping 95% of women and 83% of men in the UK worry about their weight? Or that in 2013 some 29 million of us embarked upon a diet in an attempt to shed some of those excess pounds? Unfortunately, most of us believe that we can only lose weight if […]

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organic nuts

Nuts – eat more, live longer!

Nuts are exceptionally delicious, filling and nutritious, and their countless beneficial properties make them an utterly indispensible addition to a healthy, balanced diet. But did you know that this nutrient-dense superfood might actually save your life? Indeed, according to a comprehensive Dutch study, just half a handful of nuts a day could substantially lower your […]

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counting calories

Superfoods – the smarter alternative to calorie counting

More than half of the UK population is now either overweight or obese – hardly surprising then that so many of us are obsessively counting calories in an desperate attempt to shed those excess pounds. But does counting calories really work? Not according to the statistics! Indeed, a staggering 98% of all diets fail in […]

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superfoods versus supplements

Superfoods versus supplements

The shelves of our favourite supermarkets, health food shops and department stores are simply overflowing with them – fancy vitamin and mineral supplements in all shapes and sizes. Supplements that according to the optimistic promises on their clever packaging, will do wonders for both our physical health and mental wellbeing. However, scientific research now increasingly […]

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Benefits of grinding chia seeds

Organic Chia seeds – boost your nutritional intake with 1 simple step!

Organic chia seeds are currently one of the UK’s most popular superfoods – indeed many of you will already be familiar with these tiny, gluten-free seeds that are greatly prized for their particularly high nutritional content. But did you know that you can readily increase their impressive nutritional value still further? Below you’ll learn more […]

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Calcium rich superfoods

5 dairy-free superfoods that are surprisingly rich in calcium

Calcium is an essential mineral for healthy bones and teeth – a lack of calcium can affect the bone development of children and lead to osteoporosis in adults. Yet many of you will be either unable to enjoy or prefer to avoid those foods that are traditionally associated with a high calcium content, such as […]

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digestive health

7 top tips for improved digestive health

According to Dr Anton Emmanuel, consultant gastroenterologist at University College Hospital in London, around 40% of British people suffer from at least one digestive symptom at any one moment in time. Indeed, more than 10 percent of a GP’s working life is estimated to be spent in treating common digestive disorders, such as constipation, diarrhea, […]

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rawfood enzymes

The remarkable health benefits of enzymes

Many of you will have heard of enzymes. But did you know that they are essential for every cell in your body? Or that you can enjoy some remarkable health benefits, simply by increasing your daily consumption of these powerful protein-based substances? In this article, you’ll learn more about enzymes and their associated health benefits, […]

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