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probiotics health benefits

The pros of probiotics – 3 compelling health benefits

There’s no denying that high profile celebrities, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry and Lindsay Lohan, have helped to make probiotics a household name in the UK, where some two million Brits now consume probiotic foods and supplements on a regular basis. Yet, it’s not only the rich and famous that are currently extolling the […]

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bee pollen

Bee pollen – Mother Nature’s answer to hay fever?

Spring is in the air and summer’s fast approaching. Unfortunately, for a growing number of Brits, this annual change in season spells months of misery. Indeed, experts in immunology and allergies now estimate that hay fever effects more than one in every four people in the UK – a massive increase from the one in […]

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organic walnuts

Organic walnuts – the healthiest nuts on our planet!

We all know that nuts are wholesome and nutritious. Indeed, they’re crammed with valuable nutrients, including protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. US researchers have demonstrated that eating just 28 grams of nuts 7 or more times per week is linked to a 20% reduced risk of death, whilst other studies have specifically linked nut consumption […]

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Superfoods for energy

Superfood energy – fuel for life!

According to the NHS, one in five of us feel unusually tired at any one moment in time. And many more of us suffer from periodic energy dips throughout the day. Unfortunately, our modern diet, which is high in processed convenience foods, lacks the vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients necessary to sustain energy and […]

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vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency – causes and solutions

Did you know that a vitamin D deficiency is actually far more likely than you might think? Indeed, a recent survey revealed that more than half of all UK adults do not receive a sufficient intake of this important vitamin, whilst during the winter months as many as 1 in 6 suffer from a severe […]

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Healthy snacks for kids

Top 5 healthy snacks for kids

Children are constantly changing and growing. Which is why it’s so important to make sure they benefit from a varied and balanced diet that supplies their body with all of the nutrients it needs for healthy development. This not only means providing quality meals around the dining table, but also a wide range of healthy […]

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Fermented foods

Fermented foods and three fantastic health benefits

They might have been grabbing all the headlines of late, but fermented foods are actually nothing new – in fact, fermentation has been used as a simple method of food preservation since prehistoric times. Yet, it’s only relatively recently that the millions upon millions of ‘friendly’ bacteria that they contain have been associated with such […]

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kelp powder health benefits

The health benefits of kelp – superfood secret of the sea

If you love your sushi then you’re likely already familiar with the popular edible seaweed known as nori. But did you know that there’s another, arguably even more special variety of seaweed that’s an equally important ingredient in Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisine, and contains an impressive range of nutrients that are extremely beneficial for […]

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Chaga mushroom extract powder

The chaga mushroom and 3 convincing health benefits

The chaga mushroom is certainly not short of famous admirers – indeed many top celebrities, including popular TV host, actress and fashion designer, Kelly Osbourne, and celebrated US singer/songwriter, Katy Perry, are firm fans of the powerful medicinal mushroom. But what is it that makes this potent superfood that originated in the remote forests of […]

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antioxidant rich superfoods

Top 5 antioxidant rich superfoods

Antioxidants are all the rage – indeed, more and more of us are actively choosing to consume foods and supplements that are high in these unique compounds, which have been progressively linked to an increased immunity, improved memory, a reduction in the visible signs of aging and a decreased risk of chronic disease, such as […]

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