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Eating Raw – 3 Great Results For Better Health

How would you like to Sleep better? Have increased energy? ‘Expel’ easily? In the world of raw, you don’t have to forsake everything that is cooked. It’s about bringing more goodness into your life and maintaining a good balance. Sure, you can go for the whole 100 per cent but that does not necessarily mean […]

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Hemp Protein Powder – Awesome For Athletes

Many of our most active customers like nothing more than a rigorous workout at their local gym. So, they’re naturally keen to know which protein powder is best for boosting energy levels, enhancing performance, burning fat, promoting muscle development, repair and recovery and generally refuelling their bodies. We’re always quick to recommend hemp protein powder […]

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Raw Cacao Powder – The Superfood For More Energy

Raw cacao powder boasts a deliciously intense chocolate flavour and is extremely rich in beneficial nutrients including vitamins, minerals, fibre and essential fatty acids, which encourage weight loss (by promoting a prolonged feeling of fullness) and have been clinically proven to reduce hardening of the arteries, reverse heart disease and lower blood pressure. But did […]

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6 point checklist to a new you

Naturopathic nutrition is the most holistic therapy I have ever come across. The word ‘holistic’ can be bandied around a lot and is certainly a popular word highlighted in the media but Naturopathic Nutrition is a true reflection of the real meaning behind this word. Not only does a Naturopathic Nutritionist look at your diet […]

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