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Cacao nibs

Cacao nibs and detox – the delicious treat for an extra clean sweep!

We’ve been assisting our bodies in the elimination of dangerous toxins that can lead to illness and disease for thousands of years. Indeed eliminative herbs with laxative, diuretic and blood purifying properties have long been harnessed by a variety of cultures. The Chinese for example, have been taking herbal prescriptions for detox since 2700 BC. […]

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Raw chocolate bar recipe — easiest ever!

This recipe is very adaptable. For example, if you add more coconut oil, you’ll create a fantastic cacao sauce to pour over ice cream. If you add more cacao powder. Simple! Ingredients 1 cup of cacao powder 1 cup of coconut oil Coconut sugar or agave nectar to taste –Combine all the ingredients to make […]

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