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Vitamin D

Vitamin Deficiency – Are You At Risk?

As a nation, we’re increasingly aware that a wholesome diet is essential for our optimum health and wellbeing. Yet, even though we now benefit from an incredible variety of apparently nutritious and affordable foods, it seems that we still run a real risk of vitamin deficiency. And this not only undermines our general health, it […]

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Raw chia seed perfect porridge recipe

Raw Chia Seed – Perfect Porridge Recipe

Chia seeds have been an important source of food and medicine for the Mayans, Aztecs and Tehuantepecs for centuries. Boasting powerful anti-inflammatory properties and crammed with beneficial antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, chia seeds can actively delay the signs of aging and help strengthen the immune system. And, as they balance blood sugar […]

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Budget superfoods

Budget Superfoods – How To Get More Out of Your Food For Less

As the global recession continues to bite, more and more of us are discovering that our weekly shopping budget doesn’t stretch quite as far as it used to. And, as there is a general misconception that healthy foods are more expensive, it can be tempting to replace some of the more wholesome, high quality foods […]

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Natural Skin Treatment – 4 Superfoods For Superb Skin

Your skin is an outward indicator of your inner health and skin problems are often a reaction to an imbalance of minerals, toxins, oxidative stress or inflammation within the body. Unfortunately, shelling out on expensive revitalizing creams, face lotions and other fancy skin treatments won’t solve your skin problems. These only work on the outside […]

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Raw Cacao Powder Smoothie Recipe – for the chocoholics!

Raw cacao is not only a deliciously, rich and incredibly healthy alternative to chocolate, it’s also a powerful superfood that can help you to lose weight, improve your concentration and even heighten your libido. For an instant boost of energy first thing in the morning, or indeed at any other time of day, try this […]

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Weight Loss & Raw Cacao – Your Secret Weapon

We all know that a ‘little of what you fancy does you good’, yet in the UK we sometimes take this sentiment a bit too far. Our national weakness for all things sweet can make weight loss extremely difficult, particularly when we’re confronted with sweet temptations at almost every turn. In this article you’ll learn […]

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