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superfoods for healthy skin

5 superfoods for healthy skin

You needn’t shell out a small fortune on fancy face creams in order to benefit from beautiful, healthy looking skin. Indeed, smooth, flawless, wrinkle free skin can be achieved simply by following a few sensible tips and by pampering your body with the right nutrients. (more…)

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Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan pink salt – for a mountain of hidden health benefits

These days we’re increasingly aware of the many health problems linked to excessive salt consumption, such as high blood pressure, which can lead to heart attack or stroke when left unchecked. As a result, more and more of us are endeavouring to reduce our salt intake, or are perhaps even cutting it out altogether. However, […]

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Organic maca powder for healthy skin

Organic maca powder for amazing skin!

There’s nothing quite like a brisk walk on a cold, crisp winter’s morning – unfortunately, there’s also nothing worse for your skin! Indeed, the British climate is extremely tough on our largest organ – chilly temperatures mean low humidity, which dries out the skin, particularly on exposed areas such as the face and hands. And […]

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Natural Skin Treatment – 4 Superfoods For Superb Skin

Your skin is an outward indicator of your inner health and skin problems are often a reaction to an imbalance of minerals, toxins, oxidative stress or inflammation within the body. Unfortunately, shelling out on expensive revitalizing creams, face lotions and other fancy skin treatments won’t solve your skin problems. These only work on the outside […]

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